Sunday, April 01, 2007

Beware the Ends of March

March brought a few surprises on the knitting front and on the job front. I may or may not be employed by the end of April, so it should prove to be an interesting month; but then, aren't they all? I don't know if I'm incredibly blessed that I'm not stressing about it, or immensely irresponsible. I had time for a bit of secret knitting and to join and complete a washcloth KAL with the Fun Knitting Dishcloths group.

I used Peaches & Cream and the band was tossed, but it's an easy color to spot. I would call it summatime!

  • I swear when I took it off the needles, it was shaped like a kite. But then, March wasn't my month for performing notably intelligent actions. It's now square (always was) and this was a fun knit and I now have a new cloth for the kitchen! I can't wait to see what Judith comes up with for April!

    Next up:

    On the UFO front, I did work another inch into the tank I'm making. It looks the same so I won't put up a photo til it looks more like something wearable. while stash diving one day, I discovered another UFO that deserves some adding to.

    This is a Mile-A-Minute afghan my eldest picked for herself um...a couple of years ago? i was going to scrap this for another she chose, but when she saw this, she really wanted it. So, 3 strips down, 7 to go. I was a little taken but the design that popped out of the cammo variegated square.

    Does anyone else see an Awareness ribbon?

    I was a month ahead on my squares for the Gracious Parcels Project and those were mailed off to Firefly. More to come.

    I also received a surprise from Tani, who so kindly sent me some of her stash to make items for babies and chemo caps for children. Thank you Tani! Some of these items will actually make a trip back to your area to help out those with new babies in need of warm items!

    On a weaker note, I caved and bought yarn again. So for the 2... yes 2 yarn diets I'm on:

    All I can say is, I'm not doing so good here. But in my weak defense, let me say, my enablers group decided on a KAL for the Branching Out Scarf. I CAN follow when I have to.

  • That would be Blue Sky Alpacas’ Alpaca and Silk, a 50/50 blend in Blue I27 Lot 1772-need I say more?

    Since I was off the wagon anyway, I thought I'd give the Louet Euroflax Linen a try too-also in a nice denimy blue.

    I also received a package from my very first Secret Swap Pal, but I would like to dedicate a post just to her, because she really treated me well, and I don't want to mix her goodies in a monthly recap. So Nancy, in a couple of days I promise! I've been looking through books to find the perfect pattern and this has brought me much relaxation in doing so. Thank you Nancy and Hugs!

    So April is shaping up to be a busy month and perhaps a career changing one.

    My knit list for April includes:

    UFO Resurrection: At least one strip for Kate's Mile-A-Minute Afghan and some noteable knitting on the Ribbon Tank.

    Gracious Parcels Project: At least one square for Firefly, but it should really be two.

    Dishcloth Fun KAL: Can't wait to see the new one!

    The Branching Out Scarf KAL: Adventure in lace knitting!

    Some giving back knitting: Baby items

    Some stealth knitting.

    And not so knitty is:

    Career or not?: Remains to be seen, but I was told April 10th there will be news. April 10th being a "soft date". What the heck is a soft date? A night out with a stuffed animal? A tease because they really don't know? Are they gonna take us out for ice cream?

    My First Bloggiversary! My first contest too! (insert a wink, wink, nod, nod here)

    My wedding anniversary: This week!

    A family member's birthday and Easter.

    What a month to be already! Hope yours is a good one.


    Kim in Oregon said...

    Hey you...looks like some doors might be closing allowing some new ones to open. Good luck with everything happening this will all work out for the best, you know!

    I'm going to have to check out that dishcloth kal

    Kim in Oregon said...

    Oh and happy anniversary! And happy Easter! And my birthday is on the 30th so you can celebrate that too. :-)

    Sonya said...

    Happy blogiversary! I love the alpaca silk yarn. Beautiful color and I bet it's super-soft. I'm terrible at yarn diets. Well, and food diets too. ;o)

    Stitch-n-Snitch said...

    That Awareness ribbon peeking out is so cool! Happy Blogiversary, too. :)

    Bridget said...

    Happy April! I hope that things go well for you, or at least don't ruin what sounds like it will be a good month otherwise for you.

    BTW, I laughed out loud at the idea of a date with a stuffed animal, sponsored by your (current) employer!

    Nora said...

    Gosh! What a month! Sorry to hear about the job - hope it works out well for you, either way.

    Don't feel guilty about the yarn diet - I'm a great advocate of retail therapy (especially when there's yarn involved).

    I'll be thinking of you on the 10th, when you're out with your stuffed animal! You crack me up! x

    Bonne Marie said...

    Happy happy blogiversary - I'm so glad I got to know you!

    Thanks too, for that UFO Ressurection *KAL* - I just went and frogged something to get my feet wet...

    Roseann said...

    Your new alpaca/silk is gorgeous! I'm curious to hear how the Euroflax knits up. This will be quite the exciting month for you and I will be staying tuned to your blog!

    skully said...

    Oooh, your alpaca/silk is GORGEOUS! I LOVE THE COLOR! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front. On the plus side, I can probably find you a job in a weird library. . . . wait, is that a plus???

    Bezzie said...

    I hope we both find jobs in April!

    And YES! I see an awareness ribbon too! Glad you said that!

    Debi said...

    So sorry to hear about your employment woes Carol! Chin up, it will all work out!

    I LOVE that afghan and I do see the awareness ribbon - wouldn't that be a cool one for the troops - olive drab on a background of camo!

    Love your new yarns and lastly happy blogiversary! My two year is April 10th! :)

    Que Sarah said...

    My oh my girl - you're gonna BUSY! Are we even gonna see you Monday nights.. LOL! Best of Luck with your job, maybe this is a chance to move on to bigger greener pastures (make that colder bigger greener pastures ;-)) I love the hidden awareness ribbon (kinda creepy huh?) and I love your Branching Out yarn - I can't wait to get mine! Enablers Unite!!

    kaoticorchid said...

    Happy Bloggiversary, anniversary and what-not. And it's ok that you fell off the wagon for Louet Euroflax and Alpaca & Silk. I feel your pain there. Our lys just started carrying Louet-whoot!

    Dipsy said...

    Wow - you've been busy and you're going to be busy, that's for sure! First of all - Happy April! I have my fingers crossed that everything works out as perfect as possible for you! Then: Happy Bloggiversary and yay for many, many more cool entries! I'm so glad that I found your blog and got to "meet" you via cyberspace! And Happy Wedding Anniversary - all the very best to the both of you! Wow!
    Your afghan is going to be so very beautiful by the way, all these awesome colours!

    Lucia said...

    Happy anniversary, blogiversary, birthday, Easter... did I miss anything? Oh, good luck with the job. Your second guess on the meaning of "soft date" is correct.

    What a beautiful afghan, and what beautiful yarn. I too would have caved.

    skully said...

    Hey, I need a tough gal from Philly for my dream roller derby team. I'm counting on YOU! :)

    .: tani :. said...

    wow. now that was a post! i take it you don't have much going on these days ;) i don't know how you get it all done, girl! happy anniversary and bloggiversary and everything else too. the afghan is cute - keep chuggin at it!

    Rebekah said...

    Happy Blogiversary, Happy Anniversary, and that is so weird I totally see the ribbon in the cammo yarn.


    Melody said...

    boy you are exhausting me with all your goings on. happy happy to all of it.. and who knows what the next step w/ the whole job thing.. i saw the ribbon first thing, as I look at pics before I read :o) i joined the dishcloth KAL too.. i wish it was like 20 rows at a time though.. im so impatient that way.

    ladylinoleum said...

    Happy Blogiversary!

    I totally see the awareness ribbon...weird eh?

    Good luck on the job front. My husband is newly out of work so I know of which you speak. Hang in there.

    Robin said...

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Blogiversary! Sorry to hear about the job situation - LOL on the soft date. That sounds like BS corporate-speak for sure. Hopefully everything works out for the best. Good for you for not stressing - it's not going to help or change anything, so why do it? I don't think it's irresponsible at all.

    Nice dishcloth -I got a washcloth like that from my Secret Pal last round and need to go buy some more of that yarn to make a matching one (or two.)

    Hang in there, Carol. Sorry it took me so long to comment, I have been in hell lately but am back in the land of the living now!

    brandilion said...

    the awareness ribbon... is that red hearts camouflaged colored one?

    I have been trying to make a skein of mine pool so it looked more like camouflage but no luck.

    barbp said...

    Wow you have so much on the go this month. A Branching Out KAL and I already finished mine? Darn - I've never done a KAL before. Oh well. It sure was a fun knit though.

    Keeping good thoughts for you on your career front.