Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Sky and Then Some

So this is the sunshine state? yick...followed by much sunshine and 80 something heat.

Today is Linus' 11th birthday, and what kind of mom would I be if I didn't acknowledge it! Happy Birthday, Linus your highness!

That's him perched on the back of the chair completely uninterested and yes, it's broken. He is gonna be pissed when we get a new one. Even Dolly the wonder dog got dressed up for the occasion.

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this post. But they were slightly humiliated.

I joined in what looks to be the most perfect KAL for me! And anyone for that matter who wants to bust some stash. Check out the
  • Lonesome Skein KAL
  • I'm playin in the stash already. My first project is going to be for Kate who wants the Toturo Hat from
  • Hello Yarn
  • Adrian was kind enough to reply immediately to my email when I was failing repeatedly on the figure 8 cast on. When I tackle something new, sometimes it takes at least a few tries to get a feel for it. I find putting it down for a while till the "little knitting voice" says, it's time now. I love a knitting epiphany! One good thing about being new at it, there's so many yet to come! And in this case, darling Kate gets a hat from it. Kate's pretty creative herself, I always thought, how can I have kids that do not want to knit? There's yarn and supplies everywhere, until I realized this IS her knitting:

    This was drawn with a black ink pen and colored pencils. Not bad Kate OXOXOXOX

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    10 Things, 2 GiveBacks and a Shawl

    10 Knittery Things You Didn't Know About Me - An invitation from
  • Grumperina

  • 1. I've be dying to learn how to knit for years, many years & finally taught myself how last November. I was thrilled & have lots of time to make up for.

    2. I'm very self-conscious about the things I make due to the fact that I'm a severe perfectionist.

    3. ANY and EVERY chance I get to acquire books, magazines, yarn and "supplies" for knitting, I WILL do it - Even if it means not getting new clothes or (be still my leather lovin heart) shoes.

    4. Much housework has been neglected due to knitting and blogging (without guilt of course)

    5. By nature I'm a "just go for it" person, but when it comes to knitting, I'm a little trepidatious about doing something new (like lace OMG) but I'm doing it anyway.

    6. I love wearing cotton garments (I do live in Florida ya know) I don't much like knitting with cotton. Even when I squish 2 clean socks together from the dryer, it makes my skin crawl & that ain't pretty.

    7. I'm not a packrat, but when it comes to hoarding knitting books and especially yarn, let's just say - I'm up for any game of my stash is bigger than your stash. Although I wouldn't be on the top of the mountain, I'd see me alot of valley below.

    8. I'm not a 1 project grrl. Or even a 3 project grrl.

    9. I get really cranky if I don't touch any knitting within 48 hrs

    10. I still like to crochet. I've been doing it for 40 years and my mom taught me how. It led me to learn knitting alot faster than if I never did. I don't have my mom anymore, but I have her legacy of crochet.

    whew! I didn't realize how ravin mad I am about knitting...nexxxxtttttt your turn!

    I did finish 2 things for giving back. The 1st of many I hope red scarf for the Red Scarf Project (in the sidebar). And a Chemo Cap for a hospital. These items go to our Grand Poobahs of our kntting group, and they get them to the right parties.

    I did start on the
  • Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl
  • . I see folks cranking these out 1 and 2 a week. Not THIS grrl! I'm sloooow. It's a shawl easy for even the 1st time lace knitter (me), and it does look tiny right now, but I feel another addiction coming on!

  • Michelle
  • hang in there, the Leaf Lace is gonna be keeping you warm one of these days.

    Help! Does anyone have some
  • Katia Jamaica
  • lying around?
  • Elizabeth
  • can use some. I'm gonna send her some just because her birthday is coming.

    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    Saturday, September 23, 2006

    Saturday Sky

    From the south,

    to the east, it's all different here. For years I've been trying to forceentice my girls to try on a craft, ANY craft. It's not like there isn't a dozen or so mediums aound here. Since Meg is in 6th grade and has art class, she HAD to do this:

    A yarn project...The funny thing is, she didn't flinch as I grabbed it and photographed it knowing it would be added to the blog. Note to kids: Nothing creative is sacred around here any more! I think they're getting it. It's just a matter of training the neighbors not to snicker when they see me in my PJs photgraphing the sky, my flowers and stuff I bring out of the house.

    There's been little knitting going on here, but I did manage a chemo cap for the cousin of one the girls in my Monday night knitting group.

    I do have to start on some things and get photos posted before Michelle starts complaining gently reminding me that I need new photos on the blog.
    Where would I be without ya? Probably not knitting or blogging.

    I am going to attempt a button of my own today. I figure, if we blog it, we're comitted to it. Even if we don't but have a seemingly good excuse why we didn't.

    Have a terrific weekend all! I have to catch up on reading some blogs.

    Friday, September 22, 2006

    E C F The 1st

    Late bloomer this year, but always worth the wait. Happy Friday!

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Hooome, Home on the range...

    Yes I am...for 2 days that is. So I can work on creating a button, and hopefully, some knitting. I finished the red scarf and need to block it, it goes to my knitting group for the Red Scarf Project (over in the sidebar). I started the Mary Poppins scarf that I found
  • here
  • . And this is the meager progress I made so far:

    As you can see, it's the perfect scarf for Florida, so I may keep it for me. I'm using a worsted weight yarn I bought long ago simply because I liked the colors. Ya never know what and when something from the stash will call out to you. Besides the
  • Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl
  • I told
  • Michelle
  • I was going to start, I also bought this to make
  • this
  • .

    Lots and lots of Wildflower D.K. from Plymouth yarn. It's a DK weight 51% cotton/49% acrylic yarn and holy crap, there's alot of it. But I did promise both my daughters an afghan and I must deliver. They both chose their own. I have to photograph the other, it should be quicker to make as it's crocheted. Michelle, I AM ready to start the shawl now, this is what I bought

    I'll be using the Knit Picks Shadow in the Jewels colorway. A really nice fingering weight and for me, a first. It's the dark blue looking one, although a few colors radiate from it. My photos do not do these yarns justice, so check out Knit Picks over in the sidebar for a much better look. I also have to make a Chemo Cap for someone and then the
  • Toturo Hat
  • by eldest daughter's request. I'm not over extending myself...right? Hey boss! May have a couple more days off?

    Saturday, September 16, 2006

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    Have you stripped lately?

    Stop that! I'm talkin fabric here. Finally, a use for all that fabric that's accumulated over the years. I'm making 1" strips for the Tailgate Rag Rug in
  • Ann and Kay's book.
  • And whatever else may come to mind.

    Also an almost FO for The Red Scarf Project, over in the sidebar. Just deciding on an edging. It's made with yarn that's cottony and silky in your basic stockinette stitch. The label was long ago lost.

    The crocheted baby blankie is waiting for its edging too. I need to know what kind of baby is going to be be using it before I can add the color, then a matching sweater can be made too. I may be getting a little ambitious on the projects here. It's that job and those kids that keep calling me mom and all.
  • Michelle
  • thinks it's good idea to have a shawl stitch n' bitch and I agreed. Anyone like to join us? We're new at it, so it would be exciting to have experienced knitters holding our handsinspiration from seasoned knitters. Michelle, if I'm not speaking for you here, I'll fly up there so you can slap me one. Then we can go have that beer.

    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    Shake, Rattle and Roll?

    When you live in Florida, you certainly don't expect to read the morning news and see this:

    So I checked into the story at our local
  • NBC news. We're accustomed to at least a week's warning with a hurricane. Note to mother nature: WE DON'T DO EARTHQUAKES HERE. Ah please?

    Just makes me feel rather sheepish.

  • Saturday, September 09, 2006

    Saturday Sky

    This was taken about 5 weeks ago, but it was Saturday. Today's photo would render a grey square.

    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Honey, I blew up the blog

  • Michelle,
  • This post is dedicated to you. And no, I didn't do it on purpose. While at work today, I noticed a button did not have the proper link attached, so after adding the link to the button, I pushed the Destroy everything you've built for the last 5 months button. Didn't know I had that one. I tell you, it's the knitting godess. She's paid a few visits before, but not with such force. All because my
  • next project
  • is to be altered slightly. Not the pattern, I was just going to use a slightly heavier yarn and larger needles. I just bought the Denise needle set and the Knit Picks Options set last month. Also bought these: The knitting godess may think I'm getting carried away, so don't tell her I have one more box coming next week. I'm still working on getting the rest of the buttons back up and at work we don't get days off for blog repair. Have a fiberlisious day!

    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    Say Hello to ma lita frien

    An FO I dug up and refused to put away undone. Senor Salsa is from an older crochet mag I have.

    I love stuff that's useful around the house, he's supposed to hide your hot sauce.

    When you're my age, you hide your Pepto Bismol in it.

    Happy Knitting!