Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

The best gift of all is friendship. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Felt Thirsty

1. House a wreck, check

2. Dryer fixed? check. Thanks dryer, it's holiday time ya know

3. Presents wrapped? nah

3. Lots of knitting? uh uh

4. Cards sent? yep

5. Paid city ungodly amount of cash for water hookup? it's holiday time fools

6. Working overtime? yeah

7. Cookie dough made? of course

8. Forget anything? probably

9. Have a great time with your friends at the holiday party? oh yeah baby.

9. Lost mind, hm check

Happy holidays everyone! I would post more pictures of FOs, but I didn't take them yet. Much to my amazement, I finished something and pretty fast even for me. The Felted Kitty Bed by Wendy was really fun to knit. Check out her Gallery for the pattern.

I used 2 strands of worsted wool held together. 1) The colors match the cat 2) didn't have bulky wool in the house (this is FL) 3) I had to start it right there and then.
After knitting:

While drying: (after washing it 4 effing times and it still needs one more washing

It really is fun to watch this go from a seemingly unshapely thing into a little bit of kitty heaven.

Even the girls crafted with me. They felt like clay that day. A rare treat indeed to hang with them.

Next shot will after Christmas with the cat in it. I'm trying to keep it a secret. He'll ignore it just to mess with me. Because waking me up a 5:30 AM on the freakin weekend and eating the tree and puking it up in MY spaces isn't enough. He must still be mad from our conversation last Sunday.

B-Whatcha making?

Me-A burial bag for the cat.

B-Oh that's nice, you're so mean.

Me-I have enough yarn for one for you too honey.

B-At least I'll go warm

In the meantime, Linus becomes quite ill looking with an obvious cold. Oh shit.

Long and not funny enough to post about story short, he got over it in a day. Guess he wants that bed.

And this is how he repays me.

Lifted from the counter while we were out of the kitchen. He once did that with a roast beef and got the dog in trouble for it. The thief of meats.

Let it not be said, I never drink and knit.

Thanks blogless Debbie, for taking such an artsy picture! I does not look like worms in my cider, but I sure could go for one now. And thank you Meg, for making my Christmas extra special in the form of a handknit gift :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Nice Beth! Hope to see you Monday!


Who just sat down after getting the holiday lights on the house (this is something I do) Brian and I don't play well together in the holiday light game. The tree is up and lighted, the poor angel, well, she's on the tree let's say. The cat promptly curled up under the tree as soon as the skirt was laid. I did one load of laundry (with the broken dryer which only removes the wrinkles, doesn't heat or dry at all. I was starving and enjoyed my favorite pizza and wings; had a great cup of coffee.

Soon, a hot shower another cup of coffee, a few small crochet projects I've been working on to relax and stop shaking from crawling around on the roof in the hot sun like a fool.

After staying up late last night playing with the blog and decided at 11:00 that this was no time to be playing with the blog. I like the new features, but I happen to like HTML
The sweet smell of rest to come. Time to seal the boxes, stamp the cards and start wrapping. Cookie dough thoughts are baking in
my brain. This started as a response to an email from my girlfriends
to say thanks to Beth for something really nice she did for the community. Aren’t yas glad you all didn’t get this as an email?

You’re welcome.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Because everyone else is:

Now that the pressure's off, I'll be blabbing all the time.
Phew! That felt good. And I just love birdies.

Your Brain is Orange

Of all the brain types, yours is the quickest.

You are usually thinking a mile a minute, and you could be thinking about anything at all.

Your thoughts are often scattered and random - but they're also a lot of fun!

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about esoteric subjects, the meaning of life, and pop culture.

Found this at Kim’s. I just had to see what color mine is, it's expensive to have a brain surgeon do it for me and my insurance doesn't cover this sort of thing. Think in color and without obligation!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Need I Say More?

Of course I do.

Thank you Nancy! It was a fun contest, and for a great cause, you're a good one.

Thank you Michelle! If you don't stop spoiling me, you may have to adopt me. Really.

Pattern here

Mods: I used US size 13s for the body and US 5s for the bottom and strap. A quick knit with 2 balls of cotton.

Loopy Ewe

A Piece of Vermont

Bridget tagged me for a meme: I am to open the book I am reading, turn to page 161, and read the fifth sentence. After I share it with you, I am to tag five other bloggers. Like I told Bridget, don't expect Shakes Beer from me. Here goes: We keep a supply right there in that little cedar box.

The fact that I'm reading anything surprises me. If you would like to share your 5th sentence of page 161, please do, I would love to see.

Happy holiday shopping! I'm done.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spread the Love not the Germs

Think I caught it here. Can't be sure. You've been warned.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AWW The Contest Edition

JenLa is having a contest for AWW, which is Dave’s brainchild. I wonder if he thought that not only would we love looking at his asses, but would happily throw in our two buns worth. The word brainchild makes me gigglesnort, I'm 12.

Part of JenLa's contest is to post on any Wednesday of October and display the button:

Check. Next, display a pic that would make them laugh. OK,

So concludes my contribution to AWW contest edition. Did I mention I'm 12? Yeah, Marin, me too.

I also start my new job today, so I don't know how Internet or blogging friendly they're going to be. Probably best to listen, take notes and be otherwise generally professional. Who am I kidding? I got lucky getting this and I intend to give it my all. Doing good at work means better fiber perks in the long run. Win-Win

Since it's Halloween, I wish you all a happy and safe one and leave you with some Zombie fun.

I so forgot where I found this!

Monday, October 29, 2007

It Is Time...

You know you've been home a long time if:

1. The house is clean

2. There is plenty of food

3. There is a respectable FO pile

4. You're up to date on Dr. Phil

5. You start to make new friends

If you crochet and want a quick gift for your fiber friends, this little one can be done in minutes and uses teeny amounts of yarn. I added a "handle" to mine to attach it to my knitting bag because I save the snippings and use them for stuffed objects.
You will find the pattern here.

Excerpted from an email to friends:

Well it was bound to happen. I accidentally went to Knit Picks and slipped over the keyboard and ordered the Harmony Options set. I just didn't see it coming, it all happened so fast. Even the cable needle set seemed to magically appear on an order confirmation. Just didn't see it coming. It could have been someone else, I guess it was just my time.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Get a Yob

Bum no more! Through a former job contact, I am now the proud owner of a brand new job doing what I like and what I'm good at. Just doesn't get any better. Now I can have my nerves reset to the relax mode. And since I had a contest mentioned on this post, I can announce the winner! The official count was 53 days. Ashley guessed within 4 days! I wished I would have listened to you Ashley, I could have had a grand time while home. Well Ashley, I'll be sending the yarn you've chosen and the awesome stitch markers made by the fabulous and talented Torii! I just have to take another photo because for some reason, they don't want to appear.

Torii must have worked some magic on those babies. Oh, speaking of babies, the stealth projects are no longer under the radar. Right before the Clapotis, there was this:

Beth’s Little Star Afghan Crocheted with Caron Simply soft and an H hook. Mom's name is Beth and I like crochet that's unusual. No thinking about this one. I loved working on it and it was a fast project.

Also for baby Z, mom wanted these: Diaper soaker before felting

The pattern: Day-to-Night Felted Soaker and I know I have a felted pic somewhere. I'll just pop it into the next post.

Knit with Lion wool 1 skein each black and denim blue then machine felted. It will be held closed with Velcro until baby Z figures out the joy of pulling off his clothes. heh, heh

For mom,

Hello Kitty Cloth from Peaches n Creme and of course a matching cloth for baby.

While I was working cloths, I finished a few for Rabbitch who is distributing them to those in need.

Pattern here.

So the mad scramble begins before I'm back to work. I sure am going to miss home cooked lunches and naps right after.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I Lost One Pound in One Week!

I've been away far too long and being unemployed, you'd think I'd post more. I've had 2 heart attack inducing events to deal with one of which I will dedicate an informational post to and soon and that's only because it will serve as a public service. Let's just say for now, it has to be worded ever so delicately to protect me if you will. It's partly why I haven't been visiting you guys and contributing my usual 2 cents worth.

Now for the weight loss. I'm not on a diet and one lost pound is nothing to cheer about, except if it's in yarn weight. The reason I didn't have a heart attack or lose my mind completely is because I had a project to protect me from the big bad world. And I knit Clapotis in one week people! This is the first truly wearable thing I knit for myself that I will actually wear. The reason I knit it in black? Because I will actually wear it. I joined the Second wave movement expecting to maybe finish it some time in this life, and events that tore a rift in my soul happened seemed to have accelerated the need to commit suicide/go on a 4 state killing spree/assume a new identity/crawl into a hole and die knit.

So without further bullshit ado, here she is...

Does this make my ass look big?

Specs: Clapotis from Fall 2004 issue of Knitty

Started Sept 20 PM Finished Sept 28th AM

Yarn: Lambs Pride Worsted wool/cotton blend in M05 Onyx Black 1 lb. cone

Needles: Knit Picks Options US size 8 on 24" cables used as straights

Mods: Are you kidding? Me modify Kate Gilbert's design? I had 6 false starts to begin with!

I had an epiphany, I'm not sure exactly what it was, but I believe my knitting is at a crossroads. I'm taking the road that leads me to knitting things I will actually wear.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

One for Me, One for You

Stealth knitting is almost done and will be posted after next week! Yay!

The contest for employment is still on and I thought it only fair to give it a post of its own. The contest will end on THE day I receive an offer for employment that I say yes to.

If you already guessed in this post, you can leave it as it is, or change your mind. Please leave your guess in this post or this one as I am of little brain and it easily scatters. In the event of a tie (or duplicate answers), there will be a random number pick.

Rules: The ticker in my banner is counting days since unemployment.
Please give me a number you think will be displayed on the day I receive a job offer. That's it.

Two prizes are up for grabs!

You get one of these from Dave Daniels Cabin Cove, I get the other to celebrate working again. These are Dave's hand dyed sock yarns, 100% Merino wool, fingering weight at 425 yards each. One is enough for a pair of socks. You get to choose which one you want.

The other prize was made by my friend Torii, who by the way, is a jewelry maker. The colors reflect a fall theme, and since I scored a nice set of these for my birthday, I can tell you they are niiiice! Thank you Torii!
I lifted this photo from Torii's blog and hope she continues to make these!

There you have it! Pick a number any number, and good luck!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

AssWatch Wednesday the First

I don't have a WTF Wednesday or a Walk with me Wednesday post, so I give you my first AssWatch Wednesday.

Before I ever heard of AssWatch Wednesday, I got this shot cause this is what silly girls do. Wait til they're grown, let's see if they if they WANT their butts to look larger than they are.

You wouldn't know it to look at it, but here there is some serious weed pulling going on. This may be the very thing that winds me up in divorce court. Or, it could make for a great Halloween costume. Repair man at your service.

Now the dog gets dignified. She doesn't want to appear as a trashy bitch so she turned her back on me. Right Dolly, I know how you keep that clean, don't pull that dignified crap on me.

Linus enjoying himself with his and not ashamed of bathing in public.

Daniel, this was fun! I'll work on getting more sophisticated rearage in the future. The second one in your post reminds me of someone I used to work with! Who says we don't look?!

This comes directly from the family, no exciting buttage going on here and I would certainly be on Mr KAR's shit list if he ever sees this. Inspired by Dave, I think this is rather fun. One Wednesday Dave, I'll post some true Florida style asswatching pics worthy of the southern region, that is, if I ever develop a real life and get out there.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunrise, Sunset

This is what I saw from my back yard this morning and had to share it with you.

A sunrise is beautiful thing. It brings with it the promise of the day to come. I realized a moment later that this was the 17th anniversary of my father's death. He left us suddenly, without warning or goodbyes. To the southwest, I saw this sky:

Dad: March 17, 1952

The stormy sky made me realize how beautiful and expected things can be and how suddenly they can change without warning. It's been a partly dreary day ever since. I seemed to have glanced at the best part of the sky today and I'm grateful.

My mother, also no longer here, left me this bloom on her orchid this week.

Although my parents were divorced for years before they left this earth, I don't believe they'd begrudge me a collaborative effort by them to bring me a little pleasure for a few moments. This is how I remember my dad.

December 25, 1989

Cherish the sunshine, the laughter and even the rain. Things can turn stormy at any moment.

"Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises." -Elizabeth Zimmerman

Friday, September 07, 2007

Buy Candy Friday

Yes I bought candy, but not the chocolate kind! Yes, there's been knitting and crocheting, but not all of which I can post yet.

This cloth has contestual value, so please read. Did you ever look up a word you were making up just to make sure it isn't really a word?

Here's my entry for the contest going on at Anne’s I'm lifting the rules right from her site because it is her contest. The rules:

1. Knit the dishcloth pattern (on her site)
2. Post a picture on your blog, and list whether you used straights or circular needles, and the style of knitting that you used to knit the cloth (If you aren’t sure, has some great videos that would show you), and if you knit combined method
3. Link to this post in your post
4. Leave a comment here with a link to your blog post with the photo
5. Viola! 4 steps, 4 entries.
6. You earn a bonus 5th entry by leaving a suggestion as to what to name the pattern in your comment.

I was alerted to this contest by Amanda. Thanks Knitting Mama!

Here's my humble submission and I named it East Meets West.

Specs: Anne's pattern made with 1 skein of Peaches n Cream (threw the band away) and size 7 straight wooden needles knit in continental style. This was fun and because I love a contest, I'm donating to Rabbitch who is collecting cloths for a good cause. You still have time to enter in hers too. I feel like I got a double deal on this one, 2 chances to win. I'm contest ho hear me compete.

I was given some really nice gifts for my birthday from Michelle. Girl, you spoil me!

I swear this bear is related to Spike, tho I haven't seen him sporting slippers and a robe lately. I call her Shelly cause I'm so damned clever. It's known I take less than stellar photos, but I captured the little fairy charm pretty good. For me.
Thank you thank you thank you Michelle!

I was also gifted at our local pub by Torii who is making incredible stitch marker sets. Torii, I'm already using these and they rock! All the joins in the rings are hermetically sealed so your not going to have these babies snagging your knits. Torii, I love these and because you made them, they are treasures. Thank you!!

Oh yeah, contests right?!

There's still time to enter Norma's contest by knitting a scarf or donating!
Here's one that just needs blocking and possibly some fringe. The other one is almost halfway done.

It's been fun being home this week. I got the house in order (pretty much) and have cooked and baked to my heart's and the family's content. I ran errands, got rid of stuff (a lot of stuff) and saved us $3,800 in home owner's insurance. Yeah, that was fun. It was set to go up $4,300 instead, it went up $500. Not too bad I must say.
Thank gawd it didn't go up $4,300 cause I would have shot myself right in front of the insurance agent! Instead, I recruited her into my knitting group! Ha! We always find each other don't we?!

It's so nice being home, I get to ponder things I would long have forgotten at the end of a work day. Like, if you put a ticker on your blog and it counts down or up to THE date, what happens after day 0? Now I know. It's counting days since instead of to. So, enter another contest! Yep, it's been 7 days since unemployment for me and no solid prospects in sight. I will must go back to work, so here's the contest: Guess how many days since unemployment the ticker displays on the day I have accepted an offer for employment. That's it. You can leave it in the comments on this post, or email me with your guess. The prize? Something socky from here

I bought 2, one for me and one for you! You'll get to choose the color you like best, the other is mine. I did say I bought stuff, and I know I have money left, cause there's still checks in the checkbook. Happy weekend!