Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Sky

From the south,

to the east, it's all different here. For years I've been trying to forceentice my girls to try on a craft, ANY craft. It's not like there isn't a dozen or so mediums aound here. Since Meg is in 6th grade and has art class, she HAD to do this:

A yarn project...The funny thing is, she didn't flinch as I grabbed it and photographed it knowing it would be added to the blog. Note to kids: Nothing creative is sacred around here any more! I think they're getting it. It's just a matter of training the neighbors not to snicker when they see me in my PJs photgraphing the sky, my flowers and stuff I bring out of the house.

There's been little knitting going on here, but I did manage a chemo cap for the cousin of one the girls in my Monday night knitting group.

I do have to start on some things and get photos posted before Michelle starts complaining gently reminding me that I need new photos on the blog.
Where would I be without ya? Probably not knitting or blogging.

I am going to attempt a button of my own today. I figure, if we blog it, we're comitted to it. Even if we don't but have a seemingly good excuse why we didn't.

Have a terrific weekend all! I have to catch up on reading some blogs.


Elizabeth said...

Oooh good thoughts! My birthday is coming up in November. Maybe I can beg some yarn. Hehe. What did you do at Cara's blog??

Michelle said...

Now this is getting weird... you have a Meg?! I have a Meg.... A 6th grade Meg to be exact... 11 soon to be twelve in november...She's actually a Margaret and since birth(that painfully, gut wrenching act I accomplished) has been known as Meggie. Are you sure you're not my twin?!..................NOW.........................WHERE'S the WOOL?

Roxi said...

Way to go Meg! That's a lovely little weaving. Would make a perfect rug for under a potted plant.