Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Sky and Then Some

So this is the sunshine state? yick...followed by much sunshine and 80 something heat.

Today is Linus' 11th birthday, and what kind of mom would I be if I didn't acknowledge it! Happy Birthday, Linus your highness!

That's him perched on the back of the chair completely uninterested and yes, it's broken. He is gonna be pissed when we get a new one. Even Dolly the wonder dog got dressed up for the occasion.

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this post. But they were slightly humiliated.

I joined in what looks to be the most perfect KAL for me! And anyone for that matter who wants to bust some stash. Check out the
  • Lonesome Skein KAL
  • I'm playin in the stash already. My first project is going to be for Kate who wants the Toturo Hat from
  • Hello Yarn
  • Adrian was kind enough to reply immediately to my email when I was failing repeatedly on the figure 8 cast on. When I tackle something new, sometimes it takes at least a few tries to get a feel for it. I find putting it down for a while till the "little knitting voice" says, it's time now. I love a knitting epiphany! One good thing about being new at it, there's so many yet to come! And in this case, darling Kate gets a hat from it. Kate's pretty creative herself, I always thought, how can I have kids that do not want to knit? There's yarn and supplies everywhere, until I realized this IS her knitting:

    This was drawn with a black ink pen and colored pencils. Not bad Kate OXOXOXOX


    Michelle said...

    No way, NO WAY! She is an artist! And a cute one at that! OH my friend... I can't even go into right now what the last few days have been like and this entire week is destined for much of the same. I will try and get my blog updated tomorrow.... I finally found my camera! Don't ask...

    lalheg said...

    Thanks for stopping by and if you find that hat I will be whooping so loud you will hear it across the Atlantic! is uspect it is a bit like but kind of longer and scrunchier. Anyone else understand what the heck I'm on about I wonder?

    lv2knit said...

    Thank you for stopping by the Rainey Sisters and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog is great fun!