Monday, September 18, 2006

Hooome, Home on the range...

Yes I am...for 2 days that is. So I can work on creating a button, and hopefully, some knitting. I finished the red scarf and need to block it, it goes to my knitting group for the Red Scarf Project (over in the sidebar). I started the Mary Poppins scarf that I found
  • here
  • . And this is the meager progress I made so far:

    As you can see, it's the perfect scarf for Florida, so I may keep it for me. I'm using a worsted weight yarn I bought long ago simply because I liked the colors. Ya never know what and when something from the stash will call out to you. Besides the
  • Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl
  • I told
  • Michelle
  • I was going to start, I also bought this to make
  • this
  • .

    Lots and lots of Wildflower D.K. from Plymouth yarn. It's a DK weight 51% cotton/49% acrylic yarn and holy crap, there's alot of it. But I did promise both my daughters an afghan and I must deliver. They both chose their own. I have to photograph the other, it should be quicker to make as it's crocheted. Michelle, I AM ready to start the shawl now, this is what I bought

    I'll be using the Knit Picks Shadow in the Jewels colorway. A really nice fingering weight and for me, a first. It's the dark blue looking one, although a few colors radiate from it. My photos do not do these yarns justice, so check out Knit Picks over in the sidebar for a much better look. I also have to make a Chemo Cap for someone and then the
  • Toturo Hat
  • by eldest daughter's request. I'm not over extending myself...right? Hey boss! May have a couple more days off?


    Michelle said...

    Oh how I wish I could come over and play in your stash! You go girl! I am lovin' the look of that shawl you are going to make. Now which afghans are you doing? I looked on the link.. is it the squares?

    Yarn Mafia said...

    Thanks for the suggestion for posting pictures. I will try that out tonight, right now I am trying to post pictures at the University (but I can't seem to find a computer with a USB port)...

    Michelle said...

    Okay now girlie... this photo is getting a tad old... It' been awhile since I've seen some southern sky and sunshine! P.S
    How do I get a link to your fab blog to put on my fab blog?