Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Have you stripped lately?

Stop that! I'm talkin fabric here. Finally, a use for all that fabric that's accumulated over the years. I'm making 1" strips for the Tailgate Rag Rug in
  • Ann and Kay's book.
  • And whatever else may come to mind.

    Also an almost FO for The Red Scarf Project, over in the sidebar. Just deciding on an edging. It's made with yarn that's cottony and silky in your basic stockinette stitch. The label was long ago lost.

    The crocheted baby blankie is waiting for its edging too. I need to know what kind of baby is going to be be using it before I can add the color, then a matching sweater can be made too. I may be getting a little ambitious on the projects here. It's that job and those kids that keep calling me mom and all.
  • Michelle
  • thinks it's good idea to have a shawl stitch n' bitch and I agreed. Anyone like to join us? We're new at it, so it would be exciting to have experienced knitters holding our handsinspiration from seasoned knitters. Michelle, if I'm not speaking for you here, I'll fly up there so you can slap me one. Then we can go have that beer.

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    Michelle said...

    I am humbled. A blanket with edging and whipping up a coordinating sweater?! The last item I whipped up was a can of Betty Crocker Supreme Frosting. The charade of shawls begins. Let's see if either one of us "computer rocket scientistis" can design us up a button.
    Have a happy day of knitting... the kids will adjust :)