Tuesday, September 26, 2006

10 Things, 2 GiveBacks and a Shawl

10 Knittery Things You Didn't Know About Me - An invitation from
  • Grumperina

  • 1. I've be dying to learn how to knit for years, many years & finally taught myself how last November. I was thrilled & have lots of time to make up for.

    2. I'm very self-conscious about the things I make due to the fact that I'm a severe perfectionist.

    3. ANY and EVERY chance I get to acquire books, magazines, yarn and "supplies" for knitting, I WILL do it - Even if it means not getting new clothes or (be still my leather lovin heart) shoes.

    4. Much housework has been neglected due to knitting and blogging (without guilt of course)

    5. By nature I'm a "just go for it" person, but when it comes to knitting, I'm a little trepidatious about doing something new (like lace OMG) but I'm doing it anyway.

    6. I love wearing cotton garments (I do live in Florida ya know) I don't much like knitting with cotton. Even when I squish 2 clean socks together from the dryer, it makes my skin crawl & that ain't pretty.

    7. I'm not a packrat, but when it comes to hoarding knitting books and especially yarn, let's just say - I'm up for any game of my stash is bigger than your stash. Although I wouldn't be on the top of the mountain, I'd see me alot of valley below.

    8. I'm not a 1 project grrl. Or even a 3 project grrl.

    9. I get really cranky if I don't touch any knitting within 48 hrs

    10. I still like to crochet. I've been doing it for 40 years and my mom taught me how. It led me to learn knitting alot faster than if I never did. I don't have my mom anymore, but I have her legacy of crochet.

    whew! I didn't realize how ravin mad I am about knitting...nexxxxtttttt your turn!

    I did finish 2 things for giving back. The 1st of many I hope red scarf for the Red Scarf Project (in the sidebar). And a Chemo Cap for a hospital. These items go to our Grand Poobahs of our kntting group, and they get them to the right parties.

    I did start on the
  • Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl
  • . I see folks cranking these out 1 and 2 a week. Not THIS grrl! I'm sloooow. It's a shawl easy for even the 1st time lace knitter (me), and it does look tiny right now, but I feel another addiction coming on!

  • Michelle
  • hang in there, the Leaf Lace is gonna be keeping you warm one of these days.

    Help! Does anyone have some
  • Katia Jamaica
  • lying around?
  • Elizabeth
  • can use some. I'm gonna send her some just because her birthday is coming.


    Roseann said...

    I'm glad to read about someone else who has perfectionist tendencies. I like your Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl, very pretty!

    Norma said...

    Hey, you sneaky! I see a red scarf there that you didn't tell me about. I hope you don't mind if I link to it in the red scarf blog.

    Send me your addy and I'll send you some jam. I'm going to make more batches of this stuff -- it's so goooood.

    grumperina said...

    Thanks for answering the meme! It was fun to read your answers!

    Nora said...

    Thanks for the small insight into your life, I enjoyed reading it. The red scarf is fabulous (as always). x

    margene said...

    Love your Red Scarf! It's neat to read about everyone's knitting secrets. Thanks for sharing yours. Your lace is looking good!

    lv2knit said...

    I too am making this shawl (Sally has a pictuure of hers on our website. I hate the way mine looks and am thinking of ripping it out! I am using lace weight yarn held with faux Kidsilk Haze (read: cheap) and I do not like the way the yarns look together. You are inspiring me to RIP!!