Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What scares you?

Not too much scares me, except for spiders.

eeeeewwwwww off my Royal!

I really like Halloween for this reason:

I have no problem consuming large amounts of sugar. My dentist loves this too.

November 15th will be my 1st year knitting anniversary. I used to be scared to put a project down, when I'd come back to it, I sometimes knit the wrong way. I once could not recognize the stitches I was working. I once didn't know what an FO was, or a WIP, or ssk, psso. I used to be scared that my projects would slide off the needles and I would put them back on wrong, which I sometimes did. I used to put stitch protectors on a WIP and seal it tighter than King Tut's tomb. I know! The exhibit was here for a while. Now I have 7 WIPs, not one with a stitch protector. I've done knits on straights, dpns and circs. I've learned a few cast ons and bind offs, felting and the carrying of colors. I've experienced more humility than great accomplishments, but never frustration. (Not really)
I've even learned to blog.

What is scary about knitting is how crabby I get if I can't at least a little every single day. I've yet to make anything truly noteworthy, but there are many, many things I intend to make. I finished a chemo cap crocheted no less for the local children's hospital. An LYS gave our knitting group yarn for these and since this particular yarn was of the cottony type, it was much easier to crochet it.

I also created a non-knit project ages ago that's a tradition at this time of year.

I have fond memories of this popsicle stick house. I neglected my family the whole weekend to complete this.

There still are, however, a few things that kind of scare me. Please remove any small or large for that matter, children from the room before viewing. You don't want them picking up bad habits.

Megan's room aaaahhhhhhhhhh As she saw me photographing this, she said, "you're gonna post that aren't you?" yeah baby-you learn fast!

Or how about the things that interest your teen these days?

OOOoooo Gerard! shhhh I like some of their music shhhhh
Seems like yesterday, it was all about disney and cartoons and coloring books. Now it's about being dissy, having car tunes and drawing sophisticated things. Scary how fast time goes by. And even more scary is the fact the both my children know how to use photoshop far far better than I. I give you a little child's play. No, not Chucky, but they do like that crapstuff.

Here is our Dolly, and this photo clearly shows a sweet, slobbery, never can get enough love of a dog. And that's exactly what she's always been like.

Here, brought to you by Photoshop, is what they've done to her.

Not so scary? Megan, my youngest, has proclaimed that she's too old to dress up any more. This year, we'll watch scary movies and give out candy in our jammies. And so help me jeebus, I'll never walk the neighborhood with one of these again!

It's also scary what we pay good money for. Meet Harm the bunny:

Legend has it that this bunny will tell the truth and nothing but. He has had many owners, no one of whom liked let alone loved him. He would sit in the room and make fun of his "owners" for all their imperfections and anger them to the point of ripping off his ears or tail. He would mysteriously find bits and pieces around the room and repair himself. I now find him in my room and every time he tells me "too much makeup clown!" or "what, you work for Hooter's now?" I just say OK Harm, I'll change. Amazing. And yes, he's mine.

Anyone see the move Twilight Zone? Well, ya see somethin' REALLY scary?

This is real, not photoshopped, and had I known I'd become a blogger, I would have taken lots more shots. This "moth" who I call the bat moth, was spotted on Florida's west coast by me while at a sales meeting for work. This creature was about 8 or 9 feet up on the wall & this is the best shot I got. This batmoth was about 4 inces wide, I kid you not. Now that's enough to send any knitter screaming.

I didn't leave Linus out for Halloween:

Photoshop me, and the stash gets it.


Bridget said...

Happy Halloween! Snakes scare me. Thinking about snakes even scares me ...

Congratulations on your upcoming knitting anniversary - isn't it amazing what you can learn in a year??

Michelle said...

I can't believe you've only been knitting a year?! You're like a me... a knitting relic! :) kidding. About you, not me. I can see that Megan and Meggie have something in common. A little too much Sesame Street in their day? Too much time emulating Miss Piggy! :)
Belive me Meggie's room can go from spic n' span to the twister in kansas went thru, in the blink of an eye. I think our girls would make good friends.

Nora said...

Those spiders had me scrolling down the page SOOO fast... eeewww!

We don't have Halloween here (and it's already Nov 1) but you guys HAVE A GOOD ONE!

PS: a kiddie chemo cap is more noteworthy than the most intricate shawl. You're a Badass Knitter (in the best possible way) x

jessie said...

The fake spiders give me the willies. But the kid's room reassures me that our house is not unique. Thanks!

stitchnsnitch said...

I'm totally with you in the spider department!!!

margene said...

You know how to celebrate the season!

Becky said...

I'm drooling over those candy apples.

coffespaz said...

Great post, I love the commentary. Thanks for stopping by my blog too. I'll definitely be back to see what adventures you are into. :-)

Knittie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog... you see I come back to read your blog!

And I enjoy my stay in Belgium! You can read it very soon...

Love Knittie