Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thank You Norma!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Norma sent thisjust because I begged asked. Pear and ginger jam made in Vermont by Norma herself! Well, having made one of these helped.Now I have a dilemma, do I save it for Thanksgiving and show offshare it with my family? Those who think I may be a little obsessed with knitting? Those who look at me a little funny? Or, do I just open it already and scarf it downenjoy it now? Norma, I'm just waiting on your thank you, so look forward to a little EZ comin your way! I still have that beautiful skein of
  • Hello Yarn's Tough Sock 75/25 wool/nylon in Better Weather colorway. I wanna make damn sure I do it justice with a pair of socks than can actually be worn, by me preferably.

    I accidentally went on line an ordered sonething from DeStash
  • the deals are hard to resist, so I didn't.

    5 Skeins plus the better part of a 6th of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool 65/35 wool silk blend in the palest shade of olive(?) I'll wait patiently for it to tell me what it wants to be when it'a all knit up. I also bought something else cause jeeze ma, everyone ELSE is getting one!

    The pattern booklet for the famous Great American Aran Afghan.One of the squares therein is by the famous Susan who I know in a bloggerly way. First Place too! Thats gotta feel good.

    I even knit a little. I finished Toturo! Yet it refuses to be uploaded to Blogger. I even re-took the pic and re-started the PC, now Michelle will think I'm lying my butt offI'm buying blog time or something. Toturo WILL be posted damnit. Just don't know when. There is another hat on the needles for Rabbitch's Cause.

    The Pattern is Called Watch Me from here.

    I love the simplicity of the hat, but the top has a nice design going, even I may be able to handle this. This one will be for a child since I had to make the 1st one in the only chunky weight I had around and there isn't much there. This will give time to acquire some chunky weight or decide to play with the pattern & use a bulky weight. I hope to help keep a few heads in Canada warm. Did I mention there were prizes? Check out Rabbitch, all the info is there along with a really good rant or forty.
    One more project to start on soon from Firefly has me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Check her out, she's got quite a thing going on over there! I'm nuts for thinking I have this much time ready!
    Norma, did I say Thank you?


    Roseann said...

    I say enjoy the pear-ginger jam soon, perhaps while you are having a cup of tea as you knit your Better Weather socks!

    Michelle said...

    okay now, okay now, fess up! Have you hired yourself a blogger tutor? or are you attending night blogger school? come on now. I bought my dumb arse self the "blogging for dummies" book too. And NOwhere in it does it say how to make your blog look all fabulous and professional like. Now tell me.. what's it like on the top? and will you still be kabitzin' with the little people?

    lv2knit said...

    Hi, Carol -- good luck on the GAAA and just take it one square at a time!

    Rebekah said...

    Hmmm, I'd open it up and eat it myself. Afterall, it's a very small jar. :-)

    Cute hats.

    stitchnsnitch said...

    The sock yarn is fabulous, and DeStash *is* fun, isn't it? :)

    Anne said...

    Great stash enhancement pics - you will love working with the Silky Wool. It is a lovely yarn!