Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Randumb Thursday

How dumb is she?

So dumb, she does a random Wednesday post on a Thursday
So dumb, she sends her Birthday Swap Pal the gift, but left the birthday card at home. Nice first impression for my first swap.

Well, she DID learn the figure 8 cast on

But soooo dumb, she doesn't know left from center!

The little black box is where the decreases SHOULD be.
  • Top Down Bonnet Pattern courtesy of Hello Yarn free patterns section. I didn't use Adrian's suggested yarn. That's why I'm being punished by the knitting knomes. I'm using Caron's Simply Soft, simply cause I had it in the right color and it probably won't get too cold here. It's also a one skeiner for the Lonesome Skein KAL. Sould have gone for the wool. This is a really soft and drapey yarn for an acrylic, but probably not good for a shaped hat.
  • Now I'm concerned about blocking, but good or bad, when it's done, I'll post it.

    So dum, she can't count
    The back CENTER decrease is 6 stitches too far to the left.
    It's not noticeable when on, but I know it's there and eventually, I'll have to knit another. Maybe I can adjust Kate's head. Knitters always find a way.


    Michelle said...

    Hats off to you! (tee hee no pun intended) At least you completed a Lonesome Skein KAL project. I bow in honor, I bow in honor! I do hate to bring it up, ehem ehem...ehem ehem...WHERE'S THE SHAWL?!

    Elizabeth said...

    I love your hat! I still can't get the hang of the figure 8 cast on, but I won't give it up. I'm trying to do it with 2 circulars instead of DPNs, which might be part of the problem. ANYWAY... I got my birthday present!!! I couldn't be happier. :::::hugs::::::: Thank you *so* much. You made my day. :) :)

    Kim in Oregon said...

    If you like the figure 8, try Judy's magic cast on next time. It requires a bit more concentration but you end up with a much tighter start.