Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturdays and Sundays

The weather here continues to be hot. I've been feeling blah for the last week, you know, not sick enough to be sick, just enough to feel I'm trudging through everything. Thank heavens for B. He took care of all the stuff I'm not up to so I could knit. So, my better half gives you modest FOs and new WIP here.

Two hats completed for Rabbitchand a third to be started.
I've got to tell ya, these are my first REAL hats and I just love how quick they work up to completion! They make me feel like, well, a knitter. Also in the pic is a new WIP cast on for Firefly's Nap Blanket. She's hosting a KAL. Check out her patterns section, they're quite lovely and so is her writing!

Speaking of hats, remember that Top Down Bonnet I could not upload photos on? Well, scrap the the FO and decide to change it to a pillow, and viola! I give you an October Scary Knits Fest FO:

This is an adorable hat which taught me how to figure 8 cast on by none other than The Fabulous Wendy herself. This is a lesson learned newbies, if the designer says sportweight WOOL, and size 3 needles, DO NOT, use worsted weight ACRYLIC and size 4 needles and knit it in the smaller size to compensate. ACRYLIC does NOT BLOCK! I love giving folks something tolaugh their asses off smile about.

Speaking of something to smile about, these arrived on Friday and Saturday.

Dolly says, "I'm a denim people!"

And because I'm too weak to feel funny, I'll just leave you with a crocheted shawl I made last year in (I think Red Heart TLC), very soft and squshy.

We're off to see the in-laws for a birthday get-together. Our nephew turns 21 on Wednesday-Happy Birthday Jeff! We also celebrated my dearest sweetie pie's 12th birthday this past Wednesday. Happy Birthdaymy newly found blog fodderSweetheart. XOXOXO

Linus is bored by it all, he says "Just wake me when the new yarn comes."


Michelle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new addition to your buttons!!! You are too sweet for words. Speaking of sweet, your daughter and kitty are cuteness cuteness cuteness! and I do love the fact that you posted on a weekend my friend. Weekends can be blog boredom for those of us who don't have a life! Now as for the knits, your hat is going right up in the ugly doll hall of fame.... you know the ugly dolls right?! it's so stinkin' cute! You have been a very busy bee....have you been playing hookey?

Michelle said...

OMG! my humblest of apologies! Spike just brought to my attention, the fact that I so rudely omitted Dolly from the cuteness category. Sorry Dolly...DOGS RULE!

Nora said...

Oooh, Denim People! Which design are you considering? I've got 8 balls of Rowan Denim from last summer and I still don't now what to do with it!

Dolly is toooo cool - as is the cat (but I'm not really a cat person). I give up on Sheeba - it took me 1 hr to get a decent pic for my last post! ONE HOUR! And all she had to do was - NOTHING - just sit where she was with the yarn next to her! Geez...

Roseann said...

I hope you feel better soon! My husband knows I am truly sick if I am too sick to knit. I am glad you are well enough to knit on your variety of fun projects, resting and knitting could be just what you need.

lv2knit said...

That hat is too cute 4 words. I really like the shawl even tho I don't crochet. There are just some things that look better in crochet -- one more thing to learn i guess.

firefly said...

You are so buzzy with everything! Great to see you got started on your nap blanket for the KAL. It will be fun to see it progress!


Bridget said...

Hope you are feeling better today (though it is Monday, so the two might be mutually exclusive).

Your daughter is very pretty, does she know you've made her famous now?

Love the cat and dog pictures!

skully said...


lv2knit said...

More, more, more time! I want more! But then my injuries would be even worse, I suppose. There are too many beautiful things to knit, I'll never get to them all -- kind of depressing ;).

Elizabeth said...

HAHA I, too, have had the 1" zipper problem with jeans. Seriously, if you have the tiniest bit of a tummy or are over 23, you probably shouldn't be wearing ultra low rise
Thanks for the nice supportive comment; everyone was so kind! I'm still a little embarrassed, but what can you do? :)