Friday, September 07, 2007

Buy Candy Friday

Yes I bought candy, but not the chocolate kind! Yes, there's been knitting and crocheting, but not all of which I can post yet.

This cloth has contestual value, so please read. Did you ever look up a word you were making up just to make sure it isn't really a word?

Here's my entry for the contest going on at Anne’s I'm lifting the rules right from her site because it is her contest. The rules:

1. Knit the dishcloth pattern (on her site)
2. Post a picture on your blog, and list whether you used straights or circular needles, and the style of knitting that you used to knit the cloth (If you aren’t sure, has some great videos that would show you), and if you knit combined method
3. Link to this post in your post
4. Leave a comment here with a link to your blog post with the photo
5. Viola! 4 steps, 4 entries.
6. You earn a bonus 5th entry by leaving a suggestion as to what to name the pattern in your comment.

I was alerted to this contest by Amanda. Thanks Knitting Mama!

Here's my humble submission and I named it East Meets West.

Specs: Anne's pattern made with 1 skein of Peaches n Cream (threw the band away) and size 7 straight wooden needles knit in continental style. This was fun and because I love a contest, I'm donating to Rabbitch who is collecting cloths for a good cause. You still have time to enter in hers too. I feel like I got a double deal on this one, 2 chances to win. I'm contest ho hear me compete.

I was given some really nice gifts for my birthday from Michelle. Girl, you spoil me!

I swear this bear is related to Spike, tho I haven't seen him sporting slippers and a robe lately. I call her Shelly cause I'm so damned clever. It's known I take less than stellar photos, but I captured the little fairy charm pretty good. For me.
Thank you thank you thank you Michelle!

I was also gifted at our local pub by Torii who is making incredible stitch marker sets. Torii, I'm already using these and they rock! All the joins in the rings are hermetically sealed so your not going to have these babies snagging your knits. Torii, I love these and because you made them, they are treasures. Thank you!!

Oh yeah, contests right?!

There's still time to enter Norma's contest by knitting a scarf or donating!
Here's one that just needs blocking and possibly some fringe. The other one is almost halfway done.

It's been fun being home this week. I got the house in order (pretty much) and have cooked and baked to my heart's and the family's content. I ran errands, got rid of stuff (a lot of stuff) and saved us $3,800 in home owner's insurance. Yeah, that was fun. It was set to go up $4,300 instead, it went up $500. Not too bad I must say.
Thank gawd it didn't go up $4,300 cause I would have shot myself right in front of the insurance agent! Instead, I recruited her into my knitting group! Ha! We always find each other don't we?!

It's so nice being home, I get to ponder things I would long have forgotten at the end of a work day. Like, if you put a ticker on your blog and it counts down or up to THE date, what happens after day 0? Now I know. It's counting days since instead of to. So, enter another contest! Yep, it's been 7 days since unemployment for me and no solid prospects in sight. I will must go back to work, so here's the contest: Guess how many days since unemployment the ticker displays on the day I have accepted an offer for employment. That's it. You can leave it in the comments on this post, or email me with your guess. The prize? Something socky from here

I bought 2, one for me and one for you! You'll get to choose the color you like best, the other is mine. I did say I bought stuff, and I know I have money left, cause there's still checks in the checkbook. Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Looks great!! And actually I think you might be the first other continental knitter.. do you knit combined method? I'm guessing not from looking at your stitches, but thought I'd ask. Thanks for knitting this up! I'm having a ball checking them all out!

Bezzie said...

Wow! These contests are getting more and more complicated! I just ask people to spread their legs ;-)

Hm, so you've been unemployed for 1 week. I have no idea what field you're in, so I can't make a completely accurate forecast, so I'll base if off my own long resume.

I say it will take you five more weeks to find a job. That sounds bad, but not because you're not qualified, but because it takes employers that long to get through the hiring process!

Marin (AntiM) said...

I'm going with 25 days on the ticker. This is a number I mostly pulled out of my ass.

Hey, look! Bezzie has contests I could win!

I do like the washcloth. I might knit one for fun.

Hmmm... it occurs to me you're the bad influence that sent me off to buy dozens of balls of Knit Picks for the Red Scarf Project too.

You may be a world-class pusher, Carol.

La said...

in regards to looking up made-up words, I do that all the time!

Those stitch markers are SWEET! I wonder how she seals the joint.

Bridget said...

This post made me laugh out loud, you crack me up!

I think you'll get a new job in however many days it is until the week of Thanksgiving, when they will want you to start that Monday, because of course, it's terribly inconvenient timing ...

Love the dishcloth!

Ann said...

So many lovely gifts - lucky girl! The discloth looks great - I am planning to make dishcloths for Christmas presents. I guess it will take you 4-6 weeks to find a job going thro' the whole process of looking interviews, etc. Good luck on your job hunting!

Robin said...

I bet it is nice being home - I am sure you will have no trouble with your interviews and search process!

barbp said...

I'm going to say 23 days. But I hope it's much sooner. What beautiful birthday prezies! I lovvvvve your dishcloth - the pattern and the colors. Go you on the home owners insurance - I know EXACTLY what that's like. We live in a flood plane and they want us to insure up to the 2nd floor - I tell you if my first floor gets flooded - this whole town is under water!

Marina said...

Nice colours in the dishcloth which is too pretty to be used that way!

Well, I don't know how long the unemployment will last but I'm crossing my fingers that it is before you run out of things to do at home!

Jenni said...

Wow! You have a lot of goodies!

Nancy said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!

I'm going to say 30 days on the ticker. Hopefully I'm wrong and it'll be much sooner than that!


kaoticorchid said...

Love the dishcloth and the stitch markers! So many contests, so little time!

Michelle said...

kay honey bunny.... i'm guessin' 63 days. just a randomly generated number that popped into my head. you need to enjoy these days at home. stress is a killer :( and girlie girl, I need you around to keep me smilin! :)

Lynn said...

Be careful, the longer you stay home, the harder it is to go back to work!! Plus you just made the family over $3000 so you have another month before you have to go back to work!! If you are cooking and baking more, there is more money saved. As far as your ticker,,,,,I say it will read 62 days. And if I win, I will let YOU pick your favorite color and I'll take the second one! Anything from Cabin Cove is NICE!

heyfatlulu said...

You are very welcome, Carol! I am so glad that you are enjoying them. yay!

Nora said...

I say 30 days so enjoy it while you can! x

Roseann said...

Happy Birthday! What an entertaining post, you are accomplishing so much with your time. Once you are all caught up, I bet that new job will be waiting. Gorgeous knitting!

hillary said...

I'm going to say 36 days but I really do hope it's not that long. I'm just allowing for time for interviews and processing etc. What I really hope is tha when you do find something, it's a wonderful something, not just eh.

NH Knitting Mama said...

You have been busy! Good for you!

I like Anne's cloth... I'll be making these for Christmas gifts for sure!

Melody said...

how in da hell did I miss this post the first time? huh huh? ok.. even though I want my guess to be a minimal # for you .. but I'm going to guess 41. :) and really HAPPY BELATED (really belated!) birthday wishes to you my friend. CHEERS!

Kim in Oregon said...

How did I miss this too? OK, I"m guessing 39. Just because I like the number.

vagabond bettie said...

I'm voting my favorite #. 68

Lucia said...

Hmm... 54 days. But of course I hope it's sooner.

gemma said...

Hi Chick, I'm an optimist, and since you have reached so far already, I say 32 days. Good Luck,