Saturday, August 25, 2007

Knitting Under the Inflewantz

It's been a strange week, but aren't some of them? Employee Appreciation Day was Thursday. We had a great time. There was an after party. Friday was hard in a couple of ways. 5 Days, and I'm on vacation. I would normally insert a big Woo Hoo here, but it's the going back to work after the vacation that escapes me. I don't know when or where that is. I hate being new, I'll live through it, but I don't like it.

Is there knitting here anymore? You bet. It's been the rock of my Gibraltar, the cream in my coffee and the fiber in my diet. Most of it is still sort of stealthy, but 3 or 4 weeks and I'll bomb you with photos. I feel a little wonky with blogging and it's hard to focus, just too much life at once sometimes makes me just. Stop.

Watch me light up when I'm home on a really rainy day in September at 10 am though! You're likely to hear that Woo Hoo then.

Here's some knitting related stuff so you won't think I'm trying to cop some free therapy from a group of smart and compassionate people.

The old birthday is almost upon me and I was given the go ahead to order this:

Heh, like I need permission. Three words about this book: Worth every penny. K?
Cat Bordhi outdid herself. Linus saw the word Cat, and thought it was for him.

Here's a knitting bag I won over at Erin's and it's my favorite! She made this awesome bag and let me tell you, it's like store bought! She has incredible sewing skills; Erin, I believe I told you 3 times already how much I love this bag!

Stalled for a new project? Go see Michelle’s blog for a KAL she's putting together for a gorgeous sweater that will challenge you to pieces, but leave you with a great addition to your wardrobe. Michelle, I think this was just another plot to get a post out of me.

Like to donate? Then The Red Scarf Project 08 is for you, no time to make a scarf? You can click to donate, that easy.

This one is crocheted, I called it Gwen's Red Scarf in Crochet. A knitted scarf that Gwen made for Norma was "sort of" emulated in crochet. Almost done, but crocheting in afghan stitch curls like knitting, so I'll have to block the daylights out of this. My own pattern, so I saved you a link.

Or how about something a little smaller to knit? Rabbitch has your project right here. You'll have to ask her in the comments for the info, I happen to have her box # cause I "knat" hats for her last year. She coined that phrase and I thought it only proper to use it in reference to her. I've wanted to for ages!

This one is by Knits by Rachel and I'm using the same shade of pink worsted cotton. My photo sucks ass, Rachel's is much better. It's very girlie.

And if I could have only one thing for my birthday next week, I want one of these.

I have the feeling I'm forgetting something, maybe it was the wine?


Michelle said...

Oh girlfriend, I knew I could depend on you. You my friend are my equivalent to a brownie sundae with a cherry on top. Now don't you be pushin' that big day chickita... you still have a few more days of youth left in ya! :)
I'm anxious to see what therapy knitting has been going on. And yes... you know the depths of extreme I go to to squeeze a damn post outa you!

Nora said...

Oh darling, just sit back and enjoy your holiday - everything will work out in the end [or so they keep telling me].

Thinking of you. x

Debi said...

Now this was a POST! Perhaps you should consider a writing career :)

I'm a BD in 2 weeks but I'll pass on whatever primate that is (monkeys et al creep me out!)

Gonna knit some socks? ;)

Robin said...

Your post has me laughing out loud. Love the part about what knitting has been to you (esp. the fiber in your diet - LOL!!!) I second the other commenters idea about a potential writing career.

And seriously, you want a monkey (Ape? Gibbon? Chimpanzee?) for your birthday???!!!!???? Like you don't have enough to clean up after with the kids and DH!!

Sonya said...

Enjoy your vacation! I love your knitting bag. Isn't the Cat Bordhi book amazing?

Lynn said...

Have fun on your vacation! And try not to worry abt where you will go the following Monday. It will be here soon enough and you can start to worry abt it next wknd!

Bridget said...

I really enjoyed this post! I hope you will just be able to take a nice, deep breath, and wait to see what happens.

Happy Birthday, by the way!

Bezzie said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Don't know if I'd dig the Cat book though. Her Socks on 2 Circs flew right over my head. Apparently she'll be coming out with more Pathway books? That one's called "Book One"?? Good for her for reinventing the wheel. I gotta figure out how to do that! ;-)

Cute bag too!

Roseann said...

Your beautiful knitting must be so healing for you during this crazy time, it will really help keep you grounded and sane. I love your pink hat, very pretty!

Marin (AntiM) said...

Linus may not want the monkey as much as you do.

(Yes, I saw the birthday cake, but I think I'm funny.)

I must start my red scarf scarf...

vagabond bettie said...

I got a crazy pic from the other night that you are going to love when you see it. Talk about knitting under the influence! I had two mojitos at the beach in San Juan and actually tried to knit on my 2nd argosy scarf. If you've seen the scarf pattern, it goes in boxes divided by yarn overs and moves over to the left as you go. Well, I looked down after three rows and I was moving to the right! Hilarious!

Michelle said...


heyfatlulu said...

Happy Birthday, Carol!!!!!!!!!!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about my yarn colors! I'm keeping notes with the recipes for the colors so I can re-create them if needed.

Happy birthday!

Marina said...

Happy Birthday!

Nora said...

According to Michelle, it's today! Happy birthday gorgeous gal!!! x

Ann said...

You are busy on the knitting front! Happy Birthday (that's an unusual present you are wishing for).

barbp said...

Hope you enjoy the vacation part, and the back to work part works well for you. Happy freakin' birthday, Girl!!! Blog when you feel like it, we'll still be here.

firefly said...

That book looks awesome, judging from the review Wendy gave it. Glad you get to have it.

I feel so out of touch with you and yarn, finally up for air after a summer of painting for my show.

Nice to read about you and your life and "hear" your voice.


jenifleur said...

I keep hearing great things about the Cat Bordhi book, I'm going to have to get it on word of mouth alone, which is something I rarely do.

Happy Birthday. I'm sure La will bake you a Bithrday cake just like mine.

Lucia said...

The fiber in your diet -- LOL! Not to worry, it will all work out, and you'll get some major knitting done. I envy you the knitting time, but I have to admit that I don't do uncertainty well, so I also send you some good career thoughts.

That sweater is amazing. Being sweater impaired, I don't think I should start with that one, but... wow.

BigAlice said...

Dangit, did I miss your birthday? Arggggh
I hope you had a happy birthday, and I'm sorry I missed it.