Friday, August 03, 2007

My Candy Friday

I have tons to post about, so I'll get right to it. The ticker counting down to unemployment is showing a small number. I can not believe I'll be a lady of full time slave labor in the house leisure in a mere 28 days. I've been busy interviewing like a mad woman so everything will be in place, cause hey? Why should I spend all my soon to be free time looking for work? I say farewell mortgage industry, I'm going to stable pastures. No pun intended. Now, on to really important things!

The Luck O' the Irish has been smilin on Carol lately. We be takin' yer job lady, and ternin' ye streets into rubble so ye can driiive a boompy miiile out o yer way to git hooome it nyte. So they let me win a few contests! Now The Betties have been giving me a little shit cause I haven't been spreading the contest info wealth around, so I promise next time to share. Hey, I was just increasing my chances, what can I say?

On the winning deck, I scored really nicely, I must say. First, Erin had a contest for her String it Along along, still a good place for "green" inspiration. And she sent me this:

That's 2 skeins of Koigu in dye lot # 232649 which translates into a really nice denim blue for me. Thank you Erin, bet you thought I forgot by now. I'm planning socks for me with these, something for my favorite outfits. Jeans!

Next up, came just today when I dragged my ass home early feeling a wee bit sorry I'll be out of work, and find this waiting for me:

Is that a poltergiest on my table? I wouldn't be surprised. Or scared, so if you are, don't give me any shit, hear?

These lovelies are from Hillary for guessing how many trips to the store before vacation. She did very well by the way, an organized woman. These are Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Color 56 Mt Creek.
Oh how I love the way this feels! Just like butta! Hard to believe there's any wool in these babies at all! Now I'm certain I need to order this in cammo color (which is hard to grab) for kid 2. But after my socks are made with these.

On another note, seems Michelle is a bit miffed that I haven't posted lately. Girl are you sorry yet? I'm not half done! Where would I be without you? Postless.
I can't think of a bridging theme to go into the next paragraph, so I'll just ramble from here.
Earlier, I posted about a friend having a baby on July 25th and when you're a Betty and one of you has one of these:

you do alot of this:

Baby blanket, baby bolero, baby washcloth, baby booties, baby hat. I'll post in more detail as the projects become postworthy.

Speaking of knitting and sock yarn, I finally made these!

Be still my heart. According to Debi, I broke my sock cherry ~snort~ Now the rest should be easier no?
Specs: Lacy Summer Socks from Knitting Lingerie Style
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare fingering weight hand dyed by me, guess I broke my dye cherry too. Worked with US size 3 Bamboo dpns

I stuck right to the pattern because it was my 1st pair and I don't really know how I knit socks yet, well, now I do. I could have made these easily with 2s but they're socks anyway! The blockers were made by Leggy Creations. These are her Day n Night Blockers.

Not only knitting any more, but a wee bit of designing too.

These are being worked up for the Red Scarf Project. Some crochet patterns are needed for folks to access, so I'm trying my best to help out. One of the patterns is an attempt to emulate a knit stitch. Not exact, but the process helps me think of better things than I would if not having this to do. It's a fun challenge!

Not so challenging but fun was the dishcloth for July:

I know most of my photos bite, but this had a nice lacy pattern with a shamrock in the middle. I like this alot. Next post Michelle, is where I discuss Ravelry, and facing my stash, and oh boy, am I in trouble.


NH Knitting Mama said...

GREAT projects! Wow!

I like the night and day blockers, too.

barbp said...

OK - where do we get the blockers??? They are wonderful. You have been busy - isn't the Lorna's wonderful!! It's all so gorgeous.

Norma said...

Oh, that Debi -- "sock cherry"!!!! SHEEESH. LOL.

Nora said...

Oh. My. You have been busy...

Best bit? The socks. Welcome to the Sock Knitters Club. There is NO turning back now, y'know?

Melody said...

holy crap you've been busy! thats your first pair of socks? ever? you must be some sort of witch if thats true. im ready for your ravelry discussion? come find me, be my friend!

Debi said...

Much like your other cherry, it gets easier and more pleasurable every time :)

Beautiful socks and cool prezzies!!

Michelle said...

If one little finger pointing comment from me can inspire all this I wonder what an all out conversation would do?!
Wow chickie girl, congrats on poppin' your sock! Hope you practiced safe sox!
:) could ya resist that one?

Margene said...

So much good stuff in this post! Lucky you to be a house slave;-)
Love the sock and all your goodies, too.

Bridget said...

Wow - you've been busy! Nice socks, and I can't wait to see some of the yarn knitted into lovely projects.

And, the dishcloth is excellent - though I think you should knit another one in March ... or at least send me the pattern!

vagabond bettie said...

Holy hell! Two cherries in one post! I gotta dig up my cherry dishcloth pattern and whip one up for you to commemorate the occassion!

kaoticorchid said...

What lovely new yarn-congratulations on the contests! I'm dealing with my own 'newborn' knitting over here-luckily it's not for me though!

Jenni said...

I am so jealous!! Lorna's Laces is awesome yarn...some of the best, I think.


.: tani :. said...

two cherries popped, huh?....;) i'm going to have to mark this blog explicit if you keep goin' at this rate!

Ann said...

Looks like you have been really busy - great socks & the yarns are all so gorgeous - we can never have enought sock yarn.

Roseann said...

You dyed those socks !?! Beautiful dyeng and fabulous knitting. Thank you for an entertaining and delightful read.

Rebekah said...

Now that was an update! What great projects. Hope the job hunt goes well!

Michelle said...

Look who's talking! Eye Candy Friday my arse... it Happy Hump Day!! Wooohooo
ohhhhhh I get it.... if you wait loooong enough.... it will be Friday again! ;)

jessie said...

What beautiful socks!