Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wiki Waki Meme

Here's your assignment should you choose to accept it. Go to Wikipedia, type in your birth month and day.
Then post the folowwing on yer blog.
3 Events
2 Births
1 Holiday

Mix and match as you please, it's your blog! Here's mine, no toilets involved this time-thank jeebus.

3 Events:

Romulus Augustus 475 Romulus Augustus appointed emperor by his father as he fled western Rome. Thanks pop!

St. Ausutine, FL 1565 St Augustine is established, it is the oldest city in the US

If you're ever in Florida, it is one cool place to visit. Lots of history here.

Henry Hudson 1609 Henry Hudson discovered the Delaware Bay. What? No else noticed a bay sitting there?

2 Birthdays:

Elizabeth Ann Seton 1774 (d.1821) Elizabeth Ann Seton 1st US born citizen to be canonized. We share the same middle name.

Jack Black 1969 Jack Black actor We share some silliness

1 Holiday:

Feast day of Augustine of Hippo 354-430 Do not! Although I loves me a good feast.

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Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Henry Hudson was set adrift after his crew mutinied (is that a word?) on my birthday!

Yarn Mafia said...

That was a fun little game. Not a lot of early dates to have fun with though...

skully said...

hey carol! thanks for the cool meme, i did it too!

Rebekah said...

I love St. Augustine. I always wanted to fire the cannons though.

Que Sarah said...

Great meme Carol!! Thanks for visiting my sister's blog!! She was bummed on not getting any comments - hopefully we'll fix that ;-)
Hey if you get a chance check out La's blog and congrats ;-)