Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dog Daze of Summer

It must be summer, fur balz are sleeping under the influence everywhere.

While I've been slaving away; knitting.

Another string bag completed. This one knitted from Erin’s pattern,
was fast and fun. It took me Sunday to Sunday to knit, so you should be able to knit this in about 2 hours.

The string for this was gifted to me by Nancy. Hemp For Knitting in a DK weight color #102 or chocolate brown for those of us who like a more scientific term for colors. I used almost 2 skeins (almost 300 yds) and some beads I had by my chair. Doesn't everyone?

I liked this very much, thanks Erin! I'm going to plagiarize myself on the String it Along site
just to save a little time. What's that blue thing off to the side of this finished bag you say?

I do believe that would be a first sock! The Lacy Summer Sock from Knitting Lingerie Style.
These are knit on US size 3 dpns in Knit Picks' Bare fingering weight that I dyed with Wilton's food dye. I'm getting gauge so I'm one happy camper. I had to make socks so I can use the blockers I bought from Becky. Go there! Contest! I'll wait.

A big THANK YOU! to Michelle for cheering me up again when I needed it and always screaming at me if I go away too long motivating me to keep the contents here fresh. Thank you lovie!

Linus on the other hand, is not at all interested in dogs or projects of mine, unless he's in the mood to play that is. But mostly, he just shows his great enthusiasm as much as possible.


Bridget said...

What a great post! You have been busy lately.

I'm glad you're feeling cheered up, I missed you.

Bezzie said...

Where do you find the motivation? I feel like your pets look! This heat is killing me!

Melody said...

busybusy. those sock blockers are SOOOOO cute, and all that stuff! the bag - CUTE! the pets - ADORABLE! keep cool hotstuff!

erin/pinkerbell said...

i absolutely love it. you have me excited to cast on another bag.

Nora said...

Love the string bag - thanks for the link. And if it took you 1 week, it'll take me 1 month - not 2 hrs, although you did make me laugh!

Michelle's goodies are gorgeous - I have som of those sheep-y cards too. She's the best!

PS: That kitty is WILD!

Michelle said...

awww shucks! u make be blush ;).... holy toledo pal! you've been ssssssmmmmmmmookin' up the sticks lately. Fantabulous!!
And CONGRATULATIONS on finally losing your "S"irginity! Yeah.... Bad me

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Okay, those blockers ROCK!!! :)

Debi said...

Boy when you come back, you do it with a BANG!! Love the bag and all your prezzies! And you lost your sock cherry :) YAY!

Love the pic of Linus, great "natural" shot!

kaoticorchid said...

Awesome knitting-and honestly, I think those sock blockers rank up there as one of the coolest knitting accessories of the year! Cute prezzies, and cool shot of the kitty!

robin said...

Love the doggie and kitty pics! Yay on your first KLS KAL project -you'll have to post those on the site - starts officially Sunday - YAY!

Roseann said...

You have such sweet pets! What little cuties. Your beaded bag is lovely and of course I like seeing a new sock, the yarn is gorgeous.

vagabond bettie said...
C'mon over to the Yahoo group for KLS! It's great! The book is great! Joan posts to the group and answers lots of questions. I met her in San Diego when I was living there temporarily last year. She's a beautiful lady.

wendy said...

Great string bag and blockers!