Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm Buying Me Some Leather Pants

Since I've had this honor bestowed upon me, I think it's time for leather pants and a tattoo. Thanks JenLa!, you really made my day!

I was one of their 5 nominated, so I'm passing the stardom on...each of you then go make a star out of five more and make some one's day too. K? K.

1. Debi: She was the first professional blogger/knitter to reach out to me when I didn't know Jack about either. Now I now Jack well enough to know I still have a truckload to learn.

2. Michelle: Because she is sweet beyond belief.

3. Bridget: Because she makes me think, and Bridget, I would have nominated your Carol for this too, but that would just piss you off.

4. Jessie: This woman makes me pee myself on a regular basis and although that's not considered a dignified thing to do, I always enjoy it.

5. Crafty Bernie: I met her looking for technical blog help which she rocks at, but kept going back because this girl IS crafty!

Now we can all wear leather pants together and scare the shit out of people! I could go on and on (shocking huh?) and nominate quite a few more, but then that ruins it for everyone else and I know they'll have their nominations in the bag anyway.

OK, Robin whose middle name is FO and Nora who personifies class.

Have a safe and happy 4th and don't burn anything down, I for one am invited to dinner in my back yard by the skeeter family. They're having a reunion and I am the main course.


Debi said...

I think *professional* might be a bit of a stretch but I'm terribly flattered and totally chuffed :)

Thank you hunny!

PS - Did you see your link on my latest post?

Nora said...


Congratulations on your well deserved award!

My family will laugh hysterically when they read this!! Class?! Thank you babe! x

Hockey Mom said...

Congrats to you too! I'm not wearing leather pants tho, that would be considered a crime.

Come back drool any time. It usually dries out before I can knit it anyway - I'm a sloooowwww knitter.

Lucia said...

Leather pants? Purple, I presume.

La said...

I'm so glad you nominated Debi!

Michelle said...

I'm saving this post and framing it for my MIL for christmas LOL (!!! I need to go now....time to work on my acceptance speech. Love ya carol!
psssttt....the harlot (shame on her) mentioned the mystery stole 3 today....damn her :) she made me have ta do it! She's like the goddess of knitting I sware...take a looksee...wanna join in to?

Robin said...

Well, thank you ma'am! lately my middle name s/b "Fugly FO" but that's OK, it'll turn around soon. Hope you had a great 4th, and congrats on being a Rocking Blogger!

Roseann said...

I hope you had a wonderful July 4th. Congratulations on your Rockin' Girl Blogger award!

coffespaz said...

Wheee!! Congrats on the award. What color pants are you going to get? ;-)

Thanks for the arrived safe and sound a while ago, I just haven't been blogging much to write and tell you!