Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wedding Bell Blues and Hot Flashes

And believe me, I've had them both. I've been thinking of changing lately, but not THAT much. I really wanted to change my blog but more on that later.
There were engagements going on over the holidays in my bloggerhood, so if you're one who likes to congratulate excited people, here's a couple of nice places to do it. Lark and Nora. Congratulations girls! I'm so happy for you both!

Speaking of weddings, I had one myself about 257 years ago. After a conversation I had yesterday with Robin, I promised I would put up some photos of my wedding gown. Why dig into the archives of the homestead to arrange and photograph something that's 21 years old? Because I made it. Robin's been crossing over to the OTHER fiber thing called sewing. I'm nervous she'll start blogging about sewing and I for one would miss her knitting. If she sews like she knits, she'll never again have to shop for her clothes and that's something I can dream about doing. I only made this gown because 1)I was young 2)We were broke 3)I was delusional - I cried and swore and saved money for a REAL gown the whole time I worked on it. Some of the lace chose to turn that old yellow color and some stayed white, but remember Robin, the dress is a legal adult in all 50 states, it can do what it wants to.

When I took these out of the box, there was some rice in there too. Mmm vintage food. I seldom sew other than gift bags or curtains and repairs. As long as the finished item is a square, I may be able to handle it.

On to yarn bought in a last minute frenzy purchased with Christmas money before I agreed to this,and this.

From Webs, I found these for a steal! That's Knit One Crochet Too
Angora Soft. It feels like cotton, but it's a 45/40/15 Nylon/Viscose/Angora blend, perfect for this climate. Also perfect is the Debbie Bliss Cathay I scored from these ladies.

They destashed and will donate the proceeds to Knitters Without Borders. They have the kind of stash I only dream of.

Speaking of stash, the are chemo caps to be knit for Kate. Please check her story out if you feel so inclined. There are children involved here! That's the only reason I'd admit to having this in the house.

Yes I have Fun Fur. No Muppets were harmed in the procurement of this either. It was intended for house sock cuffs and bag trims that never happened. But read Kates blog and you may be able to imagine your Fun Fur through the eyes of a child.

And for Norma, hoos having a helluva grammer contest, really, she is!

But really, Norma, as promised, my humble pair to be shipped on Monday.

The scarf on the right is already in your gallery. You can always accuse me of using poor grammar, but never of cheating. Will there be a RS08? If so, you can count me in.

I'm off to find a grocery stocking enough ice to fill the bathtub.


Robin said...

Not to worry, Carol - I think knitting will still be my first love, especially as I've been working on my sweater all day for the Manly Gift Along and haven't mustered up the courage to attempt the zipper on that skirt!

Thanks for posting the wedding dress pics - that has to win a prize for the most ambitious sewing project yet! It looks good too! LOL at it being legal in all states so it can do what it wants!!

A grocery stocking enough ice to fill the bathtub? Dare I ask?

Michelle said...

Oh, my poor friend. I haven't started the flash journey yet, but I'm headed in your direction. Once a person who could never stay warm, I have reached the stage where I could probably hatch an egg under my armpit.
Honey, you need to get out of the Keys and head on over to the Garden State! BTW Change your blog? What's that about?

jenifleur said...

Wow, the gown is beautiful. Not many people can pull something out of their cedar chest and proudly announce, "This is from the late 1700s!"

I didn't know they had rice back then. *g*

Nora said...

Er, Carol, why do you wish to fill your bathtub with ice? Is this an anti-wrinkle procedure or are you having a party and need to chill drinks in there? WHAT'S GOING ON?!?
Sorry, got carried away...

The dress: DIVINE!! Love the little bag thingy, and the RICE!

Chemo caps/red scarves: you're a good person my friend. A very good person. x

Bridget said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Your wedding dress looks incredibly ambitious, and the fact that you finished it is amazing to me, who seldom finishes anything ...

Hot flashes? Just be glad if you have to get them, you're getting them normally. A few years back, when my dr told me that I would be thrown in to surgical menopause, and it was "more intense than natural menopause" she wasn't kidding!

Is it really 112 in here????

.: tani :. said...

wow. she sews, too! that's divine! have you ever seen knitted wedding dresses? don't know how anyone would have the patience. hmmm, chemo caps. what pattern are you using?

Lark said...

The Wedding dress is lovely! I love handmade things. They mean so much more. Besides, I just don't have a Vera Wang body!

If you are going to do some chemo caps for kids, check out what Susan's done recently. Don't know how to leave a link in a comment, but you can find her at

A tub full of ice, eh? Somehow, I don't want to know what's in your trunk...

Blue skies, Lark

Rebekah said...

I loved your story about your gown. Even though it may not have been exactly what you wanted, how sweet that it was made by you.

margene said...

Your wedding gown is beautiful and you made it!? You are very talented.

Anonymous said...

Your dress is gorgeous. There's a lot to be said about the journey of lace that has turned yellow. Your right, it can do what it wants. I'm just amazed at your talent.

Several years ago my doctor said "you're not getting any younger". I haven't reached the point of needing a bathtub filled with ice but wonder when it will be.

Beautiful red scarves. The chemo caps - you've a good heart my friend.

Anonymous said...

The wedding dress is beautiful. I'm totally sewing averse (stubbornly refused to learn how) but I really admire those who can. Handmade things always hold more meaning.

Way to go on the red scarves and chemo caps!

Blog changes? Are you leaving Blogger too?

Roseann said...

I am amazed that you made your beautiful gown! My knitting might look "store bought" but my sewing looks "homemade". Plus your garment construction skills will greatly enhance your knitting. Thank you for the yarn eye-candy. I have not added to my stash, but I still like looking at yarn!

Jan said...

Your gown is lovely, Carol! Knowing my propensity for last minute finishing, when I got engaged, my mother made me promise not to entertain any thoughts about making my own dress.

The Purloined Letter said...

What an absolutely lovely gown you made! Just beautiful.