Friday, December 29, 2006

When You Get an F

Use it!

Julie gave me an F and I'll do my best to Fixate on it. The idea of using the letter given you is to Formulate 10 topics, truthinesses, themes or things with that letter. If you Feel the need for one, let me know, I'll send you one of 26 that I have on File. Let me start by saying, F is for Fluffy!

A pillow from Santa! OK, I bought it myself, but I love it just the same.
Let me Further elaborate on this ths F thing Flying around in my head. For instance, Family. Enough on that subject. Can you tell there was an incident at Christmas? Fkng right there was, and although I Fought the good Fight, I'm still Furious.Well, just a little. I can't be bothered because I do have Friends that can melt away any Feral Feelings I may have about issues past. This Fraternity I belong to, this world of knitters who blog and bloggers who knit is all I need to to stop my urges to Fidget and Fret and otherwise do away with the undesireables in my life.

Hey! This is like a first rant! I've never been pissed here before and man! This Feels Fabulous! Now for the Funny: A Friend who happens to be a knitter/blogger has a story of a Field Mouse. Well maybe not from the Field, but you know why I tossed that in.

Completes this series!

Over AND Beyond!

I've been wanting this for Forever! I Freakin LOVE Emily Post! And Peggy has done a wonderful job in continuing what her great-grandmother-in-law started. A true surprise from Santa. Along with a diamond necklace, I was a little Fawned over.

Received on Christmas eve from Rhymes With Fuschia for participating in Knit Unto Others.

This yarn Feels like heaven on earth! I'll be digging through all the books, zines and patterns for something special. I can't stop Fondling this yarn! Lucia, your Fiber Talents are Fantastic!

Now that Christmas is all but a memory, I can now Focus on learning my new position at work, and knitting. Since there will a Fasting of Fiber in 2007, I only have tomorrow to spend my gift certificates at my LYS. I plan to have a nice time there as this will be my cooling down time. A time to renew the Fun and Festive spirit that was squelched on the eve of Christmas day. A time to push aside the Female curse placed on us when we reach certain ages. I gotta get out of Florida! It's still in the 80s and ladies, I'm on FIRE!!!


Debi said...

Amazing haul Carol! So tell me, what's your LYS? :)

I'm doing the 2007 Fast too :)

Bezzie said...

Most clever rant ever! Fantastic! ;-)

Vicki Knitorious said...

Freakin' family foibles. Fortitude, friend!!!

I'll take a letter. Dish it.
; )

Nora said...

Fabulous. x

Bridget said...

Fantastic rant! Fabulous gifts!

Best wishes for a Fiber Filled 2007!

Michelle said...

Hey there pal-o-mine. Looks like someone was a good girl this year! I'm simply loving your little sheepie!!! Also love the pattern with the little squares all over the front! So...... now you need to make a list on what's on the 2007 knitting agenda. I as a matter of fact, just returned from my LYS and made my final purchase for 2007... (Superbowl Sunday - exception). Just think how awesome it will be to replenish our stash next year! :)
If you decide to leave Fla. How bout considering NJ?

Anonymous said...

YOWZA! That's some haul. What is that beautiful blue yarn?

Dipsy D. said...

What a Fantastic post, my Friend! I have to agree with the others here - woah, what a haul! That blue yarn rocks big time! And the lil' sheepie is *so* adorable, I'd so love to cuddle with it right now ;)
Have a very Happy New Year - all the best to you!

Anonymous said...

Wow you're freakin wonderful with the fantastic "F". Sorry familial stresses put a bit of a damper on your holiday. Those are some fantastic gifts you got and I like, the overs, love the sheep!!

Happy New Year to you! I'm in Indiana right now and we have fog, rain and wind.

Lucia said...

Thanks, Carol! Your Fondness for my yarn gives me a Friendly Fuzzy Feeling. (For the benefit of your curious readers, it's Kona Superwash sock weight, which I dyed with One Shot dyes from Pro Chemical.)

Robin said...

Love the post! I know I couldn't have been that creative (and poetic!)

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year!! Thanks for the Christmas card. I just found it yesterday. It was inside a bunch of holiday ads. :)

rmauroni said...

What great books and beautiful yarn! I can't wait to see it knit up and it sounds like it won't be too long. Now that I am doing Knit from Your Stash 2007, I will enjoy seeing what you get with your gift certificates at your LYS. Happy New Year!

Rebekah said...

Wow that's a lot of F's. But then I've always had an F as part of my name, so I'm comfortable with the F.

I absolutely love that fluffy pillow!

.: tani :. said...

did i miss something with the f's? i think my blog reader is broken...:) maybe it's my brain that's broken... but what a haul!!

Carole said...

Sorry about the family stuff. It looks like you got great gifts, though.

JulieFrick said...

Whoa! You totally outdid yourself with F! There are so many F's in this post that my f-in head is spinning. Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog. I've just started reading yours and I think I'd like to stay for a while. :)

I'm not a knitter - I posted a photo of my attempt at knitting back in Jan 2006 and I haven't touched the project since (oh my, I hadn't realized it was that long!) How I wish I had someone like you who lived close who could get me out of the rut. Learning by DVD just didn't work for me.

I do LOVE crafts of other sorts (sewing is at the top of my list) so I can still appreciate your art :)

Thanks again and great f-word post ;)

ann said...

fabulous! you were fawned over!