Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So That Was February?

Time to recap and remember, to recount and recall, to reminisce. Yeah right; who's got time for that? I'm still re cooping from my lost weekend, last weekend. Here's a little of what I did:

First on the dance floor, one of the last to leave. But that's another post.

Recap of knitting for February:

La Ribbon Tank Top, knit 2ing, purl 2ing along. I added about 3" to the front. Fast as snails on flypaper I tell you!

Meg's afghan I promised eons ago was finally started. I like alternating a little crochet in the knit mix. Relieves stress on the hands and arms, plus I'm a million times faster at it.

January Snowfall Square done *unblocked*, February Heart Square started *finish this weekend*.

Squares done, ready to mail.

Go here there's a contest!

It's the DeFeet of Cuteness! And these are the cutest feet in de house.

Linus has taken to sleeping with his arm under his bod with that leetle paw poking out. I thought there'd be more time for knitting, but my plans were defeeted.

Here's to March! Or as we call it where I work, Legal Day 1

Monday, February 26, 2007

I Feel Like Chocolate

See yourself in chocolate here.

This is what a weekend partying with your co-workers will do to you. There was even a little knitting and an accident occurred. I found a LYS 3 miles from the resort, and accidently drove there and slipped at the register and swiped my card on the way down. In my defense, I can only say, this is the first time I fondled Koigu. How can you not take it home?

More to come after I adjust my ticker.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Fly Away Friday

Not my kitty, just a photo I recieved in the mail but certainly Eye Candy Friday worthy no?

I will be at a sales meeting at a golf resort this weekend with my fellow co-workers. I'll be eating, drinking and being generally merry and yes, I packed some knitting first.

I will be depositing my usual 2 cents worth at your place(s) on Sunday if can stay awake.

Have a great weekend all!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

You're Welcome - Thank You

Since Maryse has extended her contest until midnight tonight, I'm posting 2 more stunning shots of my feet in their fancy coverings.

I don't know about winning anything, there's some stiff competition out there. Thanks Maryse, this was fun.

Yesterday, I spent some time organizing my knitting bookshelf and free knitting patterns I hoarded collected on-line. I mean really, you'd think I didn't have books or anything.

I now have 4 3" 3 ring binders and finally, all those patterns are organized. If my knitting isn't organized chaos, I can't relax and knit.

Later, B, Thing No.2 and I went to the Cracker Barrel for an early dinner, then saw The Messengers. It had lots of scary moments and good effects, but frankly, I was just a little disappointed. Maybe I've just seen too many, and saw this before. It did have its moments though. At least I finished another square for Sonya and Kevin. I seem to seriously underestimate my knitting speed these days because I could have finished it at the restaurant, but put it away to have something to knit at the movies. Note to self: Always take an extra project in case you run out of knitting while away from home.
Thanks, good advice.

I bought a nice knitting gadget that I've been wanting for some time. This little baby is great. Hands free talking on the phone means no more using my head and left shoulder as a hand. I'm all about the multi-tasking. Also means since I can knit while on the phone, I can call my in-laws more and not get in trouble; at least for that any more. B even thanked me, said it was one of the best things I bought lately. You're welcome babe, the pleasure was really all mine. The reception is as clear as a regular receiver, by the way, so I would recommend this model if you're in the market for one. It's also portable, so you can clip it on and walk around too. The price was quite reasonable. Note to self: What ever expands knitting time is worth having. OK, thanks.

Speaking of thanks, I find knitters really know how to say it. I did just a little hooking up thing, and these girls said thanks in a way that just made me grin from ear to ear.
From Jen:

Primero from Brooks Farm 100% Kid Mohair. I see a shawl, possibly from the latest IK issue, this stuff is just too good to keep only as a pet.

From La:

Tropical stitch markers, how thoughtful! I've made a few of my own, nothing like real ones though. It's knitting jewelry baby!

Thank you both so much, and especially for the good reading and cocktails.

Before knitting today, there will a quick run to the grocery store and blog reading. Then cooking will commence starting with chicken noodle soup, bread and something coffee cakish for desert.

I hope Typepad clears their issues. If you have a Typepad blog, I tried to comment yesterday and kept getting a web page expired response. What's up with that?

Linus says, yo, jus knit.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tagged for 5

Tag I'm it! Robin tagged me for the 5 things never revealed on my blog. Should be easy, it's only been 10 months. The rules are:

Get tagged by someone-did that
Write down 5 things that have never been revealed on your blog before-I will
Tag 5 others-I'll let them tag themselves OK?

5 Things that Have Never Been Revealed on My Blog Before:

1. I forget to mention things, like I cook and bake alot. Not that I'm all that or anything, I just love to do it and knew how to cook and bake since I was about 8.
I always make my own spaghetti sauce (about every 2 weeks to be exact) I can cook most any Italian or Polish dish (heritage ya know) and also cook in Chinese and Mexican. I can usually eat something in a restaurant and replicate it at home.
I especially love baked breads,cakes, pies and cookies.

2. I'm pretty much a loner (not in a weird way), but it's generally a preference. I get along great with everyone at work and everywhere else for that matter. Love my knitting group girls and family of course, I even taught classes and spoke publicly. Doesn't mean I felt the confidence I exuded.
I have few friends, but they are true friends, and I to them.

3. As much as I'm a loner, I love animals. Bri teases that I'm like Dr. Doolittle. Good thing we have a small house-there'd be all kinds of things living here. When I was 5, I found a baby sparrow that fell out of his nest, he had no feathers and was really tiny. Naturally, I named him Itty Bitty and he sung like a canary and flew to me from wherever he was when not in his house. He passed away when I was 15. Mom called it quits on me when I brought home a snake from our local creek. He was evicted immediately and returned to his home. I still can't get the vision of mom screaming from the dining room chair out of my head. hee hee Guinea Pigs are my favorite companions. When I lost my last one, Bri said trying to make me feel better, "You wouldn't cry half as much if I went". I said, through my tears, "Yes I would cry half as much."

4. I have a mean, nasty, wicked, evil bad temper. That's why I ALWAYS keep it in check. I never put a hand to either of my daughters. Don't have to, I was blessed with THAT look. mwahhhhahaha

5. To facilitate #4, I find humor in almost everything. Everything. I wouldn't laugh at a funeral or anything, humor has its time and place. I read Emily Post ya know. I also worked for a large bank for 16 years and I was "brought up" very well there. I could consider myself well written and well spoken, but I'm too lazy to do that these days and besides, I write more like I would speak to you in person. This is getting to be a #6 here.

So there they are. Exciting stuff huh?

Here's something silly for Maryse. Not too garish, but kind of goofy. These say I Rock, but it doesn't show well here. I love a contest! And, that' s not my bone on the floor. eewww

Take THAT! Fashion Police...

This is something I ordered at the end of December, before the Yarn Focus Challenge 07, I ordered this: Socks That Rock in Lucy colorway.

Hey Cara! I'm a woman now! Cara's the STR Queen. When Blue Moon Fiber Arts names a yarn after you and your man, you're star material. She's got beautiful cards on her site by the way, and I know first hand, because I received one which will be posted Sunday or Monday. These cards are gorgeous! HallCard store's got nothing on you girl!

A little knitting for Sonya and Kevin:

One or two more, then the January and February squares for Project Gracious Parcels 2007, then I'll pick a project from the UFO Resurrection 07 basket. Quite the joiner, aren't we?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blanket of Hope

  • This
  • could be any one of us.

    This is so easy, even I can do it. Not your typical Eye Candy Friday, but perhaps the finished blanket will be heart candy for Kevin and Sonya.

    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Why Do We Keep Doing This???

    Why do we confess our deficiencies, photograph our mistakes and behave all crazy on purpose then hang them all out there for bloggers and everyone else to see?

    Because it's fun. Maryse wants to drive the fashion police crazy, not the department, just one officer. This is my contribution Maryse and I'll continue to help you out cause it's fun.

    Why do we reach for the camera at times when before blogging, we never would have reached for the camera?

    Because everyday life can be interesting, and we love to share it. These were taken around 5:45AM on Saturday. I love seeing a full moon first thing in the morning. This is how I see it right from where I frequently sit.

    Why do we knit for a cause to help out someone we don't even know?

    Because it feels good. And frankly, sometimes because there are prizes. I don't think it's a secret that I am a certifiable prize ho nut.
    These are chemo caps for Kate. All done. Many folks have made lots more, but this is alot for me. There's still time to make the end of February deadline.

    Case in point, this is a skein of Regia that I won from Rabbitch. She's still collecting hats for her cause. The rants alone are well worth a visit to her blog. But really, those of you who make things for others know the winning happens as soon as our creations are put in the mail.
    I'm looking forward to making something for myself now, as well as, an afghan for each of my daughters. They picked what they wanted after I tortured them into browsing many knit and crochet books. Kate's picked the Moderne Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting (good pick Kate)-and Megan picked a crocheted American Flag from an old Book of mine-yay Meg! So after all those hats, I'm ready for a square now Mrs. Zimmerman. So what was the next project?

    Preemie caps! These are for The Betties, my very best knitting group. One of the girls has this mom who works in this hospital and they have this need. I feel the need to stitch for my buds. They're also making squares for Warm Up America and I'll make mine tonight with them.

    One last question. Why do we insist on knitting/crocheting for every reason we can find?

    Because we have friends. This is baby H who arrived last month. His grandmother has been a friend of mine for almost 30 years. H's momma is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I made a pink one of these for H's big sister too. I look forward to making them both more things. Welcome H you cutie pie, you!!!

    OK, so I have learned through knitting and blogging that my life is more fun, interesting, focused and sometimes, there are prizes and presents involved. Most important, I have discovered I have made some really great friends.