Monday, August 28, 2006

I Have SO Been Knitting...

I really have...but it seems I've been acquiring more than knitting lately. Stuff like this:

And this...

And this from
  • Hello Yarn
  • ...
    450 Yards of fingerweight sock yarn in the Better Weather colorway.

    I wish I could post this yarn in feel-o-rama, it's so soft and squishable, OK, so I fondle yarn but I do love this stuff and it's my 1st official purchase of a hand dyed yarn from a place that I love to visit. You should visit Adrian sometime, she shares some really nice patterns. Even my "cool" 15 year old loves her stuff. I made this for Kat from Adrian's pattern. An easy and quick (even for me) Skull Tote:

    I've also been crocheting lately. One of my all time favorite baby blankets to make for family and friends comes from
  • Lion Brand
  • . I crochet these because I can crochet one ALOT faster than I could knit one. I leave off the hood because I just like it better that way. Now that I can knit, I can have much more fun with this. The trim will have either a dusty rose or demin blue border depending on what kind of baby is coming. Then, I'll make a matching knitted kimono sweater to match from
  • MDK
  • .

    I like this color, Lion Brand's colorway is Aran. I can start one of these before any anouncements of a wee one to come and have a mostly completed blankie with time to spare (or not) for some coordinates.

    I made my mom-in-law a Warshrag in her fav color and wow, these are so easy! Ann and Kay just simply rock.

    Did I mention I also recently made a few purchases?

  • A Ball Winder

  • This book,and
  • This book.

  • I can justify all these purchases, really...It was my birthday last week, so the Old Man (the love of my life), OK, he's a couple years younger than me, sent me shopping! His mom gave me some green to spend, so it's justified. Right?
    One of my dreams of getting my grubby little hands on everything I want acquisitions of all that is knitting, is to complete the Barbara Walker series. Then to buy all the yarn I can fit into my car acquire some really nice yarn(s). Right now, I'm on a fiber diet and must reduce some stash by actually knitting. A happy Labor Day to all!