Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In a Perfect World...

Can you imagine the muscle it took to knit this? I just HAD to share this. You can get one at Pier 1 Imports. This is from thier spring 06 catalogue...800-245-4595 www.pier1.com and no, I don't work for for them. There's also dining chairs and table (for 2) to match! Too much! I can almost hear the wheels turning. Gotta run

Monday, May 01, 2006

Touched by a Star

There I was, reading my favorite blogs between reports at the office, and decided to email Ann...http://masondixonknitting.com with a general question about a comment. She responded right away! How can someone who has kids, a published book swamped with tours and a mountain of completed knitting have so much time and energy? I'm still in the clouds...a famous person emailed me! No wonder I love this knitting world to pieces! My new buddy, http://fluffyknitterdeb@blogspot.com whom I've yet to meet pretty much told me to get some writing done here. Imagine that! After she made me cry while reading her post today. If that doesn't get me to cable Debi, nothing will. You've got some gifted hands (and brains) there girl. My current project is a tank from Hip to Knit, & I like the colorway in the ribbon tape I'm using, but I'm dying to cast on some socks...Just need to get the dpns, ordered in sizes 0000 thru 3. I probably won't be to SEE the 0000s let alone knit with them, but it should be a sport to see me try.