Friday, June 02, 2006

The Urban Shuffle

Dear Blog, sorry I've had so little time for you lately, but there's the matter of coping with this little thing going on in our neighborhood. The streets are all dug up and there's a hole behind my car 5 feet behind my car large enough to fit 4 of my car in. We're getting city plumbing...Oh joy
We have new friends on the street! Say hello Mr. Crane... That space was created for me after Mr. Crane moved a car sized dumpster full of rocks over to our neighbor's house so I could leave for work. I must say, the people who work for our city are very accomodating. I did complete a small project, and the recipient, 2 year old Zach who's about to become a big brother any day, got his bear blanket buddy. Zach's mom said he hung on to the bear all the way home.

Since the weather is turning warmer, I have the urge to knit cotton, lots of cotton. Sorry about the lame photo, I will post when it's done. It's a sheep shape done in bobbles on a stockinette background. Really fun & light for warm weather knitting.
Got the pattern here:

Christmas gift no. 1 for my best bud who collects sheep, and she's a non-knitter. It's a shame too, cause I think she would be great one.

Happy knitting...gotta run


maryse said...

i emailed you in response to your comment on my blog about my yarn monster, but i got mail error. so i'm posting my response here:

"oh i know -- i'm not despairing. besides, i purchased that wheel. i need to use it now.

you know, people don't always like the look of the louet. but i love the clean lines of it. it's so beautiful in it's simplicity."

firefly said...

We just got city water back in July. I was only here for a couple of months without it ... enough to know I enjoyed the change. Plus, my husband got to use the backhoe attachment on his tractor to dig the trench from the house out to the street ... made him very happy. Man knitting.