Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Such a Baby

Yep, that's me. Amazing, I thought I knew something about computers, this is gonna take some time to learn...this blogging thing. I've been reading knitting blogs for over a year now and feel like I've "met" so many amazing and talented people. After crocheting for over #*$ years and always WANTING to knit, I finally picked up the sticks and DID it. Yeah! Well, 2 dozen new books and I don't know how much new yarn later, I'm here on my own and having a great time.The true "baby" here is actually made of marzipan. Yes, I said marzipan. Quick! Someone knit this baby a blanket!


Debi said...

Well look who's your first comment! Welcome to Knitbloglandia Carol!
I was at the Yarn tree once about a year ago and I found the owner quite nice but pricey and way too much novelty yarn! Not a skein of sock yarn in the place! Of course that could have completely changed by now!
So where in Ft. Lauderdale are you? I'm in Plantation.
Depending on where you live there is a knitting group that meets in coral springs twice a month. They used to alternate with Sunrise but the only people who showed up (after RSVPing) were in Coral Springs so it became stupid to drive. I haven't attended in a long time because of school and illness so maybe once I go back the meeting will move back to the middle of the county.

There is also a group that meets up north east closer to Boca but I really dont care for the facillitator. I'll tell you more if you really wanna know!

Debi said...

Here's the blog for my group facilitator (Coral Springs) Her name is Kim

If you need help with anything, drop me an wise or knit wise.

Welcome neighbor!!

Debi said...

Dude! It's time for a new post!! :)

I prefer socks top down cause I don't like the toe up bind off. Anything stretchy enough to be comfy is wonky looking, or less perfect looking than top down. The benefit of toe up is you can knit til you run out of yarn but I just prefer the look of top down :)