Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

The best gift of all is friendship. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Felt Thirsty

1. House a wreck, check

2. Dryer fixed? check. Thanks dryer, it's holiday time ya know

3. Presents wrapped? nah

3. Lots of knitting? uh uh

4. Cards sent? yep

5. Paid city ungodly amount of cash for water hookup? it's holiday time fools

6. Working overtime? yeah

7. Cookie dough made? of course

8. Forget anything? probably

9. Have a great time with your friends at the holiday party? oh yeah baby.

9. Lost mind, hm check

Happy holidays everyone! I would post more pictures of FOs, but I didn't take them yet. Much to my amazement, I finished something and pretty fast even for me. The Felted Kitty Bed by Wendy was really fun to knit. Check out her Gallery for the pattern.

I used 2 strands of worsted wool held together. 1) The colors match the cat 2) didn't have bulky wool in the house (this is FL) 3) I had to start it right there and then.
After knitting:

While drying: (after washing it 4 effing times and it still needs one more washing

It really is fun to watch this go from a seemingly unshapely thing into a little bit of kitty heaven.

Even the girls crafted with me. They felt like clay that day. A rare treat indeed to hang with them.

Next shot will after Christmas with the cat in it. I'm trying to keep it a secret. He'll ignore it just to mess with me. Because waking me up a 5:30 AM on the freakin weekend and eating the tree and puking it up in MY spaces isn't enough. He must still be mad from our conversation last Sunday.

B-Whatcha making?

Me-A burial bag for the cat.

B-Oh that's nice, you're so mean.

Me-I have enough yarn for one for you too honey.

B-At least I'll go warm

In the meantime, Linus becomes quite ill looking with an obvious cold. Oh shit.

Long and not funny enough to post about story short, he got over it in a day. Guess he wants that bed.

And this is how he repays me.

Lifted from the counter while we were out of the kitchen. He once did that with a roast beef and got the dog in trouble for it. The thief of meats.

Let it not be said, I never drink and knit.

Thanks blogless Debbie, for taking such an artsy picture! I does not look like worms in my cider, but I sure could go for one now. And thank you Meg, for making my Christmas extra special in the form of a handknit gift :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Nice Beth! Hope to see you Monday!


Who just sat down after getting the holiday lights on the house (this is something I do) Brian and I don't play well together in the holiday light game. The tree is up and lighted, the poor angel, well, she's on the tree let's say. The cat promptly curled up under the tree as soon as the skirt was laid. I did one load of laundry (with the broken dryer which only removes the wrinkles, doesn't heat or dry at all. I was starving and enjoyed my favorite pizza and wings; had a great cup of coffee.

Soon, a hot shower another cup of coffee, a few small crochet projects I've been working on to relax and stop shaking from crawling around on the roof in the hot sun like a fool.

After staying up late last night playing with the blog and decided at 11:00 that this was no time to be playing with the blog. I like the new features, but I happen to like HTML
The sweet smell of rest to come. Time to seal the boxes, stamp the cards and start wrapping. Cookie dough thoughts are baking in
my brain. This started as a response to an email from my girlfriends
to say thanks to Beth for something really nice she did for the community. Aren’t yas glad you all didn’t get this as an email?

You’re welcome.